Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Spring camping trip

Just hanging around on a camping trip!!!!

A little fishing off the pier
Eleanor helping Uncle Joshua spread out his tarp for his tent

A fun group !!!!!!!!
Spring church camping trip...  Getting the air mattresses blown up with the help of Eleanor...  We traveled to Lake Brownwood with friends and church group.  It is always so much fun to gather together for a few days to relax, eat good and play hard!!!

enjoying the lake
Big fish

Can I help  Popsicle ?  Now, that's how we start our camp fire:):)


Amy's spot

Let the cooking begin!!!

Bike trailer rides

Volleyball by the lake

Just adorable!!!!!!!!!

Lunch time for the fisherman


Boys and fishing

Fun in camp

Ready to go to the lake??

Fun in the water

Pop and Eleanor, Stella and Abigail having fun in the waves

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Michael and Jimmie were out riding one day and found a little rose.  The kids bottle fed her and now she hangs out as if she were one of the dogs.  

Maybe this ear has milk

Maybe this ear has milk

So you think Rose's like to swim?

Rose's do like watermelon!!

Watermelon on the porch and who should appear

Can someone put more dog food in the bowl please?

Mans best friend

Don't tell mom Rose is finishing my grill cheese

Part of our landscape

Family fun and 10,000 hot dogs!

The Life Church annual Easter Outreach is a time that our family/team gets to come together and cook 10,000 hot dogs!!!!
The team leader/Roy has it down to such an art and has the team members so trained that he gets to sit back and watch it happen... unless they get distracted and he is getting them back on track:)

It is a blessing to be a part of  The Life Church reaching out to the community, sharing Jesus and blessing them with a HUGE  Easter egg hunt, free food, lots of give away's and fun for the whole family.

First you cut open packages of the 10,00 hot dogs.

Then you dump the dogs in boiling water.
Strain them and dump them into a cooler.

So the assembly of the dogs can take place.  They are stuffed into a bun, wrapped and back into coolers to stay hot.

Of course there is lots of trash to take, boxes to be broken down.  

The number one distraction..... Nieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pouring HOT dogs into the cooler to get assembled.

Gathering this team together for a family picture is quite an ordeal, especially when the son in law wants to be held:):)

Hold me, not your granddaughters:):)

There are 10 baseball fields full of eggs for different age groups to hunt, including a special needs field,  or shall we say vacuum.

Let the hunting/vacuuming begin!

Eggs are collected, the hot dogs are cooked and its time to relax:)

There is so much Joy in having our entire family together and serving!!