Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Graduation and Prom

Jenny's Graduation.

Jenny graduated on May 15th. The ceremony was wonderful. They each decorated a table with some of their personal memorabilia. Some of the graduates led praise and worship, each graduate prepared a slide show and the parents presented them with their diploma. There were 16 graduates this year which is the biggest group the homeschool association has had. The graduation is very personal for each graduate and considering the number of graduates they did a wonderful job.
Jenny, we are so very proud of you. You have become a beautiful proverbs 31 young lady. Congrats!!!!!
After graduation we came home and had a yummy graduation supper with friends and family.

And, then Jenny and Justin got all dolled up to attend Justin's Jr./Sr. prom. Don't they look great?

More Camp Eagle

The second day we were there we canoed and kayaked. The children really enjoyed it. We had a few who were a little apprehensive and went anyway, throwing their fears away, and grabbing hold to God's courage. And, we had some that we had to hold back with tears because they thought they didn't need a big person with them.:) Notice Stella's pink paddle. She found it and claimed it.Packing up and headed home. How many people does it take to fold up a tent?
These were too cute not to post. Handsome twins!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

More Camp Eagle

On Sunday, Mothers Day my sweet big girls had each of the youngest children deliver a rose to the mommies. They planned on getting up and cooking breakfast for us too, however, they didn't rise quite as early as a few of us did. They still helped bunches.
A very cute twosome!!

Second night smores!!!#2 making smores for the littles.
Joshua, Jonathan (a friend who went with us as his parents were in China), and Caleb(Darcy's oldest son on the trip) had a surprise when we came back from zip lining. They decided to move their tent back to smooth ground. Yes, our group has a few practical jokesters. HeeHee Matthew thought this was a real strange place to set up a tent.:)

Jenny and Patty attempting hand stands on a telephone pole.

Roy getting ready to go down the water slide. "You're sure you want me to go down."Here goes!!!!
This is a blown up ice berg as they call it. Everyone had lots of fun playing king of the ice berg.
Notice the big kid on the side. I am so blessed to have a husband who still loves to play. The kids love it when dads around. He almost didn't get to come. We're so glad he did.!!!!!
Here he comes!!
Patty getting ready to go down the side.

Matthew is in the green vest below. He would get all the way to the top and then just slide down the side with all the handles instead of the side that was smooth. Each time we would hear this horrible noise and make sure he was OK. And, sure enough he would be just fine.
Here's our little climber happily swimming back to shore!!!

Camp Eagle

A few weeks ago our church group went camping at Camp Eagle. We had about 30 of us and had a wonderful time hanging out and fellow shipping. One of the neat things that happened was one of the children who has recently been adopted overcame a spirit of fear in many areas. God is so wonderful!!!

Some of the littles hanging out and playing while we were camping. They all had so much fun.!!
Helmets on around the rock climbing and rapelling.

There so cute!!!

The first day we zip lined and had lots of fun. I do not have actual pics of the zip line, I'll have to get those. Everyone is listening to instruction before zip lining.
Such a good looking crew.

Our friend Darcy and 6 of her children came down from Colorado and went camping with us. Darcy wanted to help milk before we headed out for Camp Eagle. HeeHee She and Bessie became big buddies.
We finished out our first night with a camp fire and smores. Yummy!!!We rapelled the next day and some of the group really got out of their comfort zone. They pressed forward and did it.
Annie rapelling
Headed up the hill to rapel. Not sure why this picture didn't turn. I told it to.:)

Mommy's big spill

One Sunday morning while making some yummy pudding with our fresh milk I spilled a really big container of corn starch. My little helper wasn't quite as sad as I was. HeeHee

7 K

I haven't posted anything in a really long time. Why? Life transition. Two of the big girls that used to keep up with the blog are now busy with summer jobs and about to start college courses in the fall. Granny asked if we were not going to be posting since most of the family has a face book. However, yes we will. A friend of mine says her blog is like a family journal. I so agree.

Back in April Roy, Joshua, and Joy ran a 7K. Here are some pictures to tell the story. They all did really good. Several other friends from our church group ran too. Roy won 1st place in his age division. Yea!!! He is so good about staying in shape, inspires me so. Joshua and Joy finished the race. We are so proud of them!!! Good job Joshua and Joy.