Monday, April 27, 2009


Praise God for the RAIN!! Falling asleep to the sound of rain pounding on a tin roof is a wonderful thing here in West TX.
I took a break from school today to go take pictures of our creek. The creek that is usually DRY!! It was full of water. Joshua and Joy waded in it a little. The water was over Joshua knees in some places. Its such a nice thing to walk around the pasture taking pictures of God's blessing. The sound of frogs croaking, the dog splashing through the water, shouts of glee coming from happy children playing in the creek, the smell of rain in the air, nice clean white horses once again. Most people would see these pictures as a nasty muddy creek, but as a ranchers daughter here in West TX, I see these pictures as Gods blessing, sending rain to dry ground, water to wild animals and beauty soon to come with abundant wild flowers and green grass. Thank you God!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rodeo at the Zesch Household

Most of you know that we have lots of animals around here, that is no surprise. What some of you might not know is that we have 11 heifers here right now. Today while everyone was getting school done the kids(Jimmie, Michael, Matthew, and Stella) were playing outside. That is a regular occurrence, so there was no surprise there, what was surprising is what they were doing. Jimmie was trying to rope a heifer !!
He, unfortunately for the heifer, succeeded in roping it and the rodeo began.
Joshua had been watching from his bedroom window while doing math. LOL Jimmie lured the heifer in with some cow cake on the ground close to him. He had one end of the rope tied around a trailer and swung his loop around the heifer. Got him! He has been telling mom for several weeks he was going to rope a heifer so he could ride it. Joshua, while doing math, saw the rope loop around the heifers neck and ran outside to help. The boys could not get the rope off the heifer, so Joshua sent Jimmie in to get some more help. Jimmie came and got me and I ran outside to help, not stopping even to get shoes. I tried to get the rope off her neck and then decided that I would need someone a little stronger and more experienced than the little kids to assist me, so I asked Matthew to go get Jenny which he promptly did.
When Jenny came out Mommy decided to come out to and bring the camera. So with all the new help we dallied to a tree and finally the heifer let me get close enough that I could grab the rope and slowly pull it over its head.
After that Jenny, Joshua, and Joy very quickly ate lunch so they could leave to go to town for piano.

Just another day in the Zesch household.
Here are some pictures of the event.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Silent Football(For Jamin)

Today after House of Faith we played silent football. Silent football has nothing to do with football in case you were wondering. Its kind of hard to explain the rules so I will just tell you that in silent football you don't want points. Points is a bad thing. If you get three points the game is over, you lose, and you are at the mercy of everyone else at the table to figure out something to do to you. Past examples would be: Singing "I'm A little Teapot" while doing the hand motions on top of a table in the middle of House of Faith. Snorting a slushie up your nose(I've heard this makes your nostrils burn for days lol) Going out in front of House of Faith on Bryant Blvd. and barking like a dog at cars. So today when we were playing Jamin lost and we decided to make him a milkshake.
The ingrediants were:
A Stale Biscuit
Grape Jelly
BBQ Sauce
Julios Hot sauce
Maybe a couple other things that I can't remember and he had to drink a small cup full. Heres some pictures
Here ya go Jamin hope they work

O yea and Jake and Jamin texting:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Final Four

Here are the final four pictures that I am trying to decide between.
Comment and tell me which ones are your favorite.
If you click on the picture you can make it bigger so you can see them better.


More Graduation Pictures

Ok so here are some more graduation pics for everyone to see. Enjoy and tell us which ones are your favorites : )