Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Funny pics

Silly girl, its summer!!!  100 degrees outside

First melons out of the garden, tomatoes, and okra;  yummy!!!!

Friends and a turtle


A princess and her potato head
Twins and their bear family

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Riding horses, and lots of flying ants

One afternoon the kiddos came running in saying we were being invaded by ants.  There were flying red harvester ants everywhere.  So upon lookin it up on our friend google we found out that on a warm afternoon after a rain the red harvester ants will come out of their colonies, winged, to mate.  After mating the males die.  Interesting!!  The only thing is, now we have huge piles of dead ants.:(

Now that's a good looking cowboy, if I do say so myself..  He takes after his dad:)

Enjoying the rain!!

We enjoyed some much needed rain last week.  The kids really enjoyed finding frogs and just simply playing in the rain and mud!!!!

Look Matthew!!!

Joy and Jimmie wanted me to see how high they could jump together

And, of course Michael had to get in on it.

And, Stella

Roy has been converting some of his equipment to propane. He told Patty she was going to have to see his latest conversion.  He told her it was slicker than snot:):)    He tilled the volleyball court after the rain.  Thanks hunny!!!

Princess Amy was not impressed with the dogs nipping at her princess dress.

One tilled volleyball court ready for some Nuke 'em!!!  Bowhays and McClures!!

They're just a little dirty

Gluten free journey

Gluten free pizza crust
Gluten free tortillas

Recently we've read about how the wheat we use today has been very modified over the years to be disease resistant, to have a higher yield, be low profile, drought resistant;  and in these hybridizations the chromosome count has risen substantially.  Gluten seems to be the culprit for many ailments.  So, we decided to fast from grains for a week.  Many in our family did not notice any changes, however, Joshua who has congestion issues cleared up within a few days and could breathe normally.  We have reduced the amount of bread we eat overall.  We do however really like tortillas and pizza, so after many attempts I think I finally found a group of ingredients to work.  What is it you say?; main ingredients;  rice, oats, and quinoa.  Tortillas and pizza dough were both workable.  Yay!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

May and Carmel, Roy's 2nd AI baby!!!

Another AI calf!!!!  Isn't she so pretty!!! 

4th of July and pyramids

4th of July fun !!!!!

And, these guys and gals making pyramids:)  Amy wasn't impressed")

She did like flying however!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

14 years old

This very cute boy turned 14 a few weeks ago.  How time passes quickly.  Joshua, we are very proud of the mighty man of God you are growing up to be.  We love you bunches!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We had a great time playing at the beach last week.  We went down to South Texas for a wedding and Grammy and G'pa got us rooms at the bay in Corpus Christi for a few days.  It was wonderful!!  Thank you Grammy and G'pa!!!!! We fed sea gulls,. played in the sand, played in the water;  several of us got stung by jelly fish so we didn't do a lot of playing in the water at the bay.

See the USS Lexington in the back ground. 

Eating at Whataburger by the bay. Michael and Stella wanted to eat outside and had to protect their food:)

We had lunch at the farm with the Mengers on Saturday.  It was a great visit. 
Amy got to hold baby Luke

After we left the farm we headed out to Mustang Island State Park to check out the water there.  It was fabulous!!We played , the boys skim boarded and there were no jelly fish!!!!!

We closed out our night at a burger place.  It was a super day!!!!