Saturday, April 3, 2010

Passover and the TLC Easter Outreach

Tuesday we celebrated Passover. Roy had the Bar B Que place cook our sheep and we had potatoes, brussel sprouts, salad, haroset ( a mixture of apples, grape juice, cinnamon, and nuts), representing the sweetness of the freedom from Egypt. We also had bitter herbs, matza and grape juice. Roy read the passover story. Interestingly, we celebrated passover on Tues. and helped with a traditional Easter outreach today. Although Easter is a very pagan holiday I think the heart of reaching people and telling them about the love of Jesus is an OK thing.

Tree of Life Church Easter Outreach.
They had a HUGE egg hunt with over 140,000 eggs. We stuffed 500. Just a drop in the bucket.
Jenny and Justin took Joshua, Joy, Jimmie, Michael, Matthew, and Stella to hunt eggs. A helicopter flew over right before the hunt, making 3 drops of more eggs.

Roy was in charge of the cooking. He is so good at this and he loves it. Patty was itching to help on the pit this year. She started out cooking and the fire was really HOT. The other men saw her light complexion the color of a lobster and voted for Patty to throw patties on the pit. One guy asked Roy what the girl throwing patties name was, when he told him it was Patty, he wasn't sure whether to believe him or not. LOL They cooked 5000 burgers and 4000 hot dogs. Actually, Annie cooked all the hot dogs. Roy was teasing the men who helped him cook, saying that they were slacking when his 19 year old was almost done single-handily cooking the 4000 hot dogs. Hee Hee.Here she is multi-tasking. LOL

There were inflatables.

Pastor Walt Landers gave a message about the Love of Jesus, the real meaning of Easter, and how TLC wanted to reach out and love on the community.

It was a good, fun, hard-working day. Easy for me to say. I just showed up, visited with old friends, and hung out with our younger children.