Saturday, March 16, 2013

Time to plant trees

Roy made the announcement this morning that today was tree planting day.  So, after breakfast the planting or shall we say the digging began.
This was the first tree.
And, when everyone was tired of digging and taking a siesta look who was still hard at work

Good job, Amy, way to stick to it.

And, of course Michael stuck with it too.

After the trees were in the ground almost everyone went for a swim.  Everyone except Michael and mom.  We're waiting for a little warmer water.

Jimmie and Patty went for a ride

And Amy finally got to relax:):)  Although , when they finished this bag was emptied around a tree.


It was brought to my attention that I blogged everyone's birthdays except Joy's last year. So, to our wonderful 12 year old.  Joy, you are becoming a delightful woman of God.  We love you very much, and you are truly a Joy to be around!!!!!!!  

The lighting of the candles

Can she blow them all out?  Joy, Joy, forgive me for not blogging on time.:)

Annual sausage making

Here are some pixs of our annual sausage making.  Here are Granny, Aunt Rae Ann, and Stella turning guts.

Matthew getting in on cutting up the meat.

The boys getting the meat cut up before they season and grind.  This was Kellen's first year to help us with sausage.  He and Justin both earned their keep.


Uncle Glen helping Amy feed her baby.  The best part was he would tell her to be sure and burp her baby;  that baby let out the biggest burp.  Amy loved it!!

Fresh sausage!!!!

Stuffing and a little messing around.

Jenny and Kellen stuffing

This picture jumped in. 

Let's eat!!