Saturday, October 31, 2009


After supper; Joshua, Joy, and Jimmie set out with their sling shots to shoot birds. Joy came running in telling Roy the dogs had a cat treed and Joshua thought it was a Bobcat. Roy asked a few questions; how big is it? and grabbed a gun and headed out with Joy and three little guys following him. They came home with a bobcat. Joshua got to shoot it. He was really proud. And, he should be.

On a side note. Today was M&M's day to get Bessie up to feed her and so Roy told the boys while they were close to the field to go ahead and get Bessie home. They got her to follow them home, however, the sun was setting and by the time they were about half way home it was a bit dark. Not sure how it all transpired, but just guessing the cow really wanted feed and the boys were being a little pokey Bessie knocked Michael down. Matthew didn't know what to do, we heard both of them crying. I think they were a little distressed about the dark too. Anyway, they got Bessie fed.

No baby so far, but two fun birthdays!!!

Started out the day with cinnamon rolls for the birthday twosome. Cinnamon rolls for birthday breakfast is a Zesch tradition. Jenny, Patty, Jimmie and Stella made some delicious cinnamon rolls. Yum Yum!!! For those of you who don't know. Jimmie and Stella share a birthday.

Then we headed to town for a masquerade recital for Joshua and Joy. Joshua played a piece called Arts and Crafts. We got him a plain white shirt and Jenny sewed and glued arts and craft materials on it. He looked great. Joy played a piece called Haunted Mouse. We had her dressed up like a mouse. She was so cute!!! They both fit their pieces perfectly.

Then, we went looking for a bow and arrow for a birthday boy, he had some money burning a hole in his pocket. He also got a deer call and a sling shot from his big sisters.

Then we headed to Claire's to get a certain 3 yr. olds ears pierced. Her looks are priceless. Its her, "I'm not so sure about this look"

You can't see them very good. So, Annie, Stella picked some pink flowery earrings.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Matthew, Bessie, and a new baby!!

Matthew has been practicing shooting Joshua's old bow. Daddy helped him about a week ago and now he asks quite often if he can practice. He's only allowed to go out by himself, no little's around, or with an adult.

Bessie is starting to look pregnant. She's bagging a little, so maybe we'll have a baby and milk soon. The kids take turns getting her up each day. Feeding her and playing with her to gentle her.

Church babies!!
One of our good friends had her sweet little girl blessing last Tues. So, our baby boy at church is not the baby anymore. He's a big boy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goings on

Scenery for Annie. Ann, Patty took pictures of fences she liked on the way to college station. Daddy told her to start saving.:)

A few funny stories. I wish I had pics for both of these, but I don't. You'll have to use your imagination.
Wednesday we were loading up for HOF and I asked Michael to check the dogs food and water. We were all loaded and Jenny backed up to the back steps to wait for Michael. He opened the door and we saw his cute little grin and he was holding on to the puppy wrapped around his neck. I guess she slipped in the house when He came in the front door. Michael brought the puppy out and started to close the door and the puppy slipped back in. He turned around and gave us his cute little grin again.LOL I went in to help him and we headed to HOF

Yesterday, Jimmie was getting some of my kumbucha (a fermented semi-sweet drink made from a kumbucha mushroom loaded with antioxidants) and accidentally got apple cider vinegar. Ewwwww! He downed it and quickly got a drink of water. I told him I was surprised he didn't smell the vinegar. Right Annie!! We know you would have smelled the vinegar a mile away. Jimmie said he thought his nose was stopped up. I told him it wouldn't be stopped up much longer.LOLWe've had Jenny's friend Justin for supper several times lately and the kids really like him. And, yes, Stella has a new boyfriend. HeeHee.

Kids playing in the boat.Pretty sunset.

Dad and the three middles playing Cash flow for Kids

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

chin ups anyone

Roy recently got a chin up bar that hangs on a door frame. The other day the kids were trying it out, or shall we say Patty was assisting them trying it out.See Patty trying to get out of the pic? I know Patty was trying it out too, just never got a picture.:) Not sure why the pics are so yellow, had the flash on. I think its time for a new camera. Better start saving!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kids, Kids, Kids!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon I found the kids in the sand with an interesting camp/fort made.This picture doesn't give it justice, with everyone standing in front of it.
I think they found all kinds of odds and ends for their camp. LOL!! Here is the camp, with workers cleaning a bird for supper. The guard dog. Jimmie saw her shivering so he shared his sweatshirt with his favorite guard dog. The hunter.

Annie, this is for you!!!

Annie asked me to post more often, so here goes.
Last weekend we had a work day. Mowing
Do you like Patty's little helper?
planting the garden, these are Daddy's little helpers. HeeHee and some cleaning. This is not a great picture with the glare. I had to post it for Annie. Joy is taking after her sister as far as reading goes. Although, I don't remember seeing Annie vacuum and read. Annie did do just about everything else while she read.