Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Turkey Day #2

Today we butchered 2 more turkeys. These were white turkeys. They did not have names unlike our last turkey. We butchered one of the gobblers yesterday. Here are some pics. First we chop the heads off. Sorry no pic of that. Then we skin and butcher them.
Mom butchering Hen #1

Dad butchering Gobbler #2

Mom and Dad butchering.

Good picture of Mable our mountain cur dog.

Rowdy protecting his turkey leg.

The meat.

The unsuspecting next victims. Lol

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Reason To Post

I know, I know we haven't posted in over a month. The thing is Annie, Patty and I (Jenny) are the only ones who post things on here. Annie and Patty are in Tynan harvesting cotton and I have started volleyball so busyness has kept us from posting. I knew that to actually post I would have to have a really good reason. And I finally have one!!


We got him from a lady in Johnson City she was moving and had no land for him at her new house and she didn't want to sell him because she wanted him to go to a good home. So she decided this would be a good home for him and gave him to us! His name is Nickers he is a 12 year old Arabian gelding. He is very well trained and is great around kids. He did however have a sad thing happen to him right after we got him.
We think that Ace (Patty's horse) and Amigo (Bobby's horse) we bullying him and he ran into a fence post because he has a huge cut on his left flank. It was about 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall! The skin was just pulled back. So we had to take him to the vet and get him stiched up. Hopefully we can take the stiches out in 3 weeks.
Every day we have to rinse the cut off. Spray hydrogen peroxide on it and rinse it for 15 minutes. Then we have to spray an anitbiotic on it and fly spray. We also have to put antibiotics and pain killers in his food every day. We will see if he makes friends with Ace and Amigo over the fence of his pen.
Isn't he beautiful!!