Thursday, October 13, 2011

Swimming Pool


We recently started building a swimming pool at our house. Here are some pics from the work in progress.

                                                                    Day 1

Trench for lines to filter
Boys inspecting

3 Boys slept in the pool the first night
Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6
Day 7

Day 8

A   pool party!!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Roy and Julie's get away :)

Roy and I had an opportunity to spend four days in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. It was a wonderful get away. We enjoyed each other so much, along with God's amazing creation. It was Awesome!!!!!!

Salt Lake City Temple Square.

The Mormon Temple - an amazing structure. It took them 40 years to build it.

The Mormon tabernacle and organ. There is someone playing and it sounded beautiful.

From desolate Rock Springs, Wy to beautiful Jackson, Wy

Can you believe those colors. God is so amazing with His beauty.

Such a good looking tourist:)

Bradley lake in the Teton National Park.

As we walked back from Bradley lake we could hear the Elk bugling .

One day we rode a tram to the top of a peak close the Tetons. This was a pretty pic looking down.

And, this is looking at the Grand Teton from the top of the tram ride.

Top of the peak after the tram ride.

Pretty Aspens.

We spotted a bull Elk way off in the distance. I couldn't zoom in any more.

The Tetons

Cow moose we saw on the side of the road as we drove out Sun. am. It was still dark so the picture isn't great. Apparently she got hit by a car. She could barely walk.

Cow and calf elk. A pretty sight.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cute pics

Beautiful Sunset!!!!! Thank you God for your beauty!!

Papa's leopard finally home and mounted:)

Good morning boys, what a way to wake up after a good nights sleep on the tramp:)

Good shot, Matthew!!

These next three are really cute, however; did not really show the total cute affect. Amy had been sitting on the steps with Blue and Killer with her arm around Killer :)

And, last but not least cute Patty!!!!!!!

Jenny's Birthday Party

Can't believe Jenny McClure turned 19. We all had a fun time celebrating a beautiful young ladies birthday. Justin surprised Jen with all of us at the bowling alley. The cute part was the little guys really had a fun week. First, while I was at a meeting early in the week and Annie was keeping the three youngest boys they got to attend Justin's 20th birthday party and go see the Lion King. Then when they found out Justin had a bowling party planned for Jenny they were all excited again.
Jenny, we are so very proud of you and your wonderful husband.

Nice form, Kellen?!? :)

Bowling fun, look at that form!!

Amy eying the cake.

Matthew's up.