Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Horses, Ice, and reel mowers

 Pretty Nickers!!  Roy, Patty, and Joshua trimmed feet recently.

 Patty's tools;  no this is not where they belong and no it is not going to be the new decor:)
 Michael and his pet snake
We had lots of ice a few weeks ago and it literally looked just like Sonic ice.  It looked like someone dumped many, many bags of Sonic ice on the ground:)

 Sonic Ice cones.
And then a few days later, keeping with good ol Texas weather, it was beautiful!!
 Fun and games on the trampoline.  Patty is such a sweet, fun big sister.

The new reel lawn mower:)  Anyone can mow, and no parts to break.
We shared one with Jenny and Justin.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fences and Pens

 Sanding crew
The handsome welder
 Post hole diggers, working at getting the steel unstuck.

 Daddy/Daughter team work:)
 More pics of the good - looking welder.
We have started building yard fences and pens.  Actually, Roy is the builder. :) He is doing a fabulous job.  We are the sanding, priming, and painting crew.  Its coming along;  we'll keep updating until the task is complete.

Christmas Trip part 2:)

 Part 2;  We went on an air boat ride and Michael was very comfortable.  Hee, Hee.
Big girls crashed that afternoon.
The Wilbur Mengers family:)  
 Happy Birthday Uncle Monkey!!
 The newlyweds cleaning the window!!

Out of order, We made it back to Texas!!

 Dad and Stella on the paddle board.

  The Zeschs and the Webs on Coco Beach
 Disney, a good looking bunch in jail.

 Grammy and G'pa and the grands!!!

 Swiss Family Robinson tree house

 Fireworks at Disney,
 Leaving Disney and everyone is tuckered out.

 Look G'pa, look what Michael found.

 Gators we spotted on the air boat ride.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A wonderful Christmas trip!!!

For Christmas we rented an RV and headed to Florida to visit my brother and his family and of course we had to go to Disney World.  We really had a nice house on wheels. 

 How many kiddos can lay on a bed and watch a movie going down the road? I think this is 8
 Michael and Amy hangin out.
Patty feeding the awesome driver as we go down the road.

 We went to Coco Beach to visit our friends the Webbs and had a super time on paddle boards.

Of course we had to bury someone while at the beach. 
 Patty and Michael paddle boarding

 Michael and Roy visiting, Roy and Amy on the paddle board and Matthew on the skim board.