Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pics of Silly Kids

Here are some pics of silly kids:

Matthew wearing a baby bonnet/hat
Its reversible

We have some stickers for Michael and Matthew to play with and put on their sticker book while Mom is doing school with the J,J,and J. (Joshua, Joy, Jimmie). They are actually those little circle stickers in vibrant colors used for garage sales. Well today J,J,and J decorated themselves with the stickers.

I love this pic because it looks like its been digitally enhanced. Its not!!
I don't know what he was pretending to be but I liked it.


Michael had return address labels. We have an abundance of them so we let the kids play stickers with them too.

Michael and Matthew taking a nap! How Cute!!!

Just thought you would enjoy the pics.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well the Doctor did get the Air Soft bullet out, he thought that he was going to have to do surgery because it was so far in there and he did not want to hurt his ear but he got it out. Here is a picture of what the air soft bullet looks like.

With a picture of the Matthew.

I am also adding some pictures of church play day that nobody had posted yet, and some pictures of Patty riding her horse.

Here are the play day pictures, as you can tell there are lots of kids.

I will post about my trip very soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coming Home and Crazy Kids

I am home, I actually arrived home Monday night at about 11:30, but I have not been able to blog until now.
In the mean time some very interesting things have happened.

Last Friday Matthew told Mommy that his ear hurt, so Mommy looked and it looked like he just had a big piece of ear wax, so she prayed for it and he went off to play. Mommy thought nothing of it until Sunday all the kids were playing cars and Joy shined the spot light in Matthews ear and the big piece of ear wax turned out to be a Air Soft bullet lodged in his ear. Matthew got asked about it and it finally came out that one day while the twins were supposed to be taking a nap Matthew asked Michael to put the Air Soft bullet in his ear. We have been trying to get it out and talking to some of our friends who are doctors and Mommy and Daddy finally decided that they needed to take him into the clinic. Hopefully we will not have any more things stuffed in anyone's ears after this.

This morning Joshua, Joy, and Jimmie were out with Air Soft guns and pellet guns. They just happened to be at cactus berries. When they shot them, some of the juice came out and they would lick the juice. Joshua just happened to get a cactus spine stuck in his TONGUE ouch! I think that he learned his lesson.

Just another day in the Zesch Household.

Friday, July 4, 2008


I get to go see my babies tomorrow, I can't wait . Now I just have to remember everything that I have to do before I leave. I had to make myself not pack to early because I was so excited. Here is a video that expresses what I feel, or at least what I am thinking about.

Annie - Tomorrow

I have always loved Annie, and I really like this song, and felt that it described today pretty good.
Annie LOL

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I found this post from a long time ago and thought the picture was cute even if i don't remember the story

We have not posted hardely any writing lately just pictures, that is kinda funny.
Well here are some more pictures and some stories to go with them.