Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Weekend

Annie, Myself (yes Julie, I'm actually posting), and everyone down from Joshua started our weekend off on Fri. going to Fort McKavett History Days. Jenny and Patty stayed home to pick up produce and get school done. Other than the wind it was a great day. We met some friends from Sonora and some SACHSA friends. The kids learned alot and chuckled at some things that we still do today that were talked about as only being done during pioneer days. Grinding wheat, making butter, drinking raw milk, etc. After a full day we headed home to get ready to go to Johnson City to visit grammy and grandpa.Did you know our military used camels during the 1800's?Joshua enjoyed the Lipan indian demonstration. He's sporting a fox tail on his cap.
Stella liked the white rabbit skin.Firing the canonsThe boys pulling the double trigger of a buffalo hunters rifle.

Pick Up? Or Truck?

Annie, Patty and I bought a truck! Well Dad calls it a pick up..... Anyways.
On Friday evening we drove to Johnson City to our grandparents house. The girls stayed the night there while the boys and Mom and Dad went to a hotel. The next morning we got up, had a big breakfast and then got ready and drove to Austin to see the Lippizanner Stallions.
The Lippizanners were really neat to watch!
Before we had gone to Austin we had been talking to my grandpa about it and he said he was looking for someone to buy it. We joked about buying it but we weren't really serious. Then on the way to Austin we talked more about buying it. We decided to make him an offer for $1500. We would take it home that night and he wouldn't have to worry about insurance, registration, Inspection(which needs to be done), Or fixing the speedometer and a couple other little things he was going to do before he sold it. He said he would have to think about it. We went back to their house to look at it a little more and talk over it some more. Then Annie, Patty and Dad went to fill it up with diesel and they met us at the restaurant. We talked about it some more and then wrote a $1500 check. YAY!!!
Its a 1991 Dodge Turbo Diesel Flat bed Stick shift pickup truck. It has AC and heating but they only work moderately well. No radio or CD player, (we might get one) My dad and Annie and Patty who have driven standards before said that this one is pretty easy to drive and hard to kill. I learned to drive it yesterday. It needs a little fixing up, the speedometer doesn't work, the front end needs allignment, and it just needs a good tune up. But all in all its a good pick up and we are very excited about it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yeah one year!!!!

So today is our blogiversary we have been blogging for one year. Its hard to believe , in that time Mommy has posted about 5 times and Jenny and I have done most of the posting.
Here is our first post ever.

I just started our blog today.YEA!!!


So take some time and look back and see all the things that happened over the year.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Bike Crew

Here are a couple of pictures of what the kids have been doing in all there spare time.
The middles have really enjoy getting the trampoline wet and then jumping on it, or just getting people wet.

All the kids have been riding there bikes a lot lately, It is really cute to watch them all take off with Stella, Michael, and Matthew bringing up the rear.

Here are some cute pics of Stella being the cutest little girl in the world. :)


Monday, March 16, 2009

Stinky Kids

One of our dogs has been running away a lot recently and was gone this morning, so Mommy asked the kids to go look for him. I had been doing school and noticed that the kids had been gone a while so I called them and then went up stairs to go do some more school, a little while later I heard them come in and then started to smell something turns out that while the kids were out looking for him Mabel our mountain cur that they had with them got sprayed by a skunk. Joshua and Jimmie promptly started chasing the skunk trying to catch it, fortunately for us they did not catch it or get close enough to get sprayed though all the kids do smell like skunk since they were hugging on the dog. So all the little kids excepting Stella just got sent to take baths and hopefully that will take away most of the smell.
Just another day in the Zesch household :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Country Girl

You know you are a country girl when.........

You are thinking about what you want to do for your graduation pics and remember that old broken down pick up in the back pasture and think that would be perfect, or you think you really have to wear a hat in your pictures, or go tramping around in the pasture to find the perfect place ,or you think that a center pivot is the perfect back ground.

So Jenny and Patty and I went to take some graduation pictures today and I thought I would share some of them for all of you to see.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So in West Texas any time you get rain is cool, but since we have been really dry and in need of rain really bad for the last couple of months, I thought I would post about it :). It started raining last night and has been raining a slow steady, good soaking rain pretty much since midnight. It has rained about a half inch or more since then, and hopefully will rain a whole lot more. :) Thank you lord for the rain !!!!