Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Snow Skiing!!! It's happening!!!
We've talked about going snow skiing for the last 3-4 years. This Christmas dad announced we were going in Feb. Everyone was so very excited. Dad immediately went to work on getting us accommodations . Wow, did he do a fabulous job. We are staying in a beautiful 3 bedroom home about 15 minutes from Breckenridge.Here's our mud room. A cubby for all the skiers and mom and dad on top. Perfect!!

He signed Patty, Joshua, Joy, Jimmie, Michael, and Matthew up for a full day of private lessons.Go Patty!!

We headed north on Sunday morning, bright and early as the road conditions didn't look real good the farther north we went. We met cousin Ward and his beautiful family in Lubbock for lunch at Freebirds (can you believe it). Headed out again.We hit a snow storm about Raton Pass. Annie continued her drivers education and learned to drive on snow and ice. About Puebleo the van started to really get cool. Roy called a good friend who drives diesels for a living and they deducted our thermostat was stuck. Roy's amazing ingenuity, he put our plastic map and two coloring books in front of the radiator and the temp started coming up a little. We made it to Springs about 9p.m., had a Sub Way and went to bed. Annie was bummed we missed out on Cracker Barrel for supper. We'll have Cracker Barrel on the way home. We got up Monday and headed to Woodland Park to pick up a few more ski bibs and jackets from our wonderful friend Darcy. Roy also took the van to get the thermostat looked at. We got it fixed and headed north again. By the way, thank you Darcy, Darcy's friend, Granny, Aunt Rae Ann, Harris family, Criner's, and Aunt Cindy for outfitting us with ski garb. The roads were not to bad. We made it in to Breckenridge about 5:30p.m. We got up Tues. and headed to the slopes. I took everyone and then Stella, Amy, and I headed back to the house to tidy up a bit and fix lunch to take back. After lunch Annie took Amy and Stella back to the house so I could ski the afternoon run. Amy slept until she picked us up. Thanks Amy!!! Whew, we were all tuckered out. Had supper, went to bed. We got up this morning and headed for the slopes. Jenny stayed back with Amy and Stella. Amy did good for Jen too. I stayed back for the afternoon run with Amy, Stella, and Joy(she was tuckered out). The rest of the crew headed to Keystone for some night skiing. Stella skiing at our house on Matthew skies.

Jenny playing around at the house.

Go Jimmie!!
Hey handsome!!

Go Joy, Joy!!!

Annie was playing follow the leader with Michael and Matthew. I didn't get the boys in this one.

Michael and Matthew riding the gondola down after a long morning. I think a nap is calling their name.

These should be farther up on the post. This is a McDonald's in Woodland Park, so quaint.
Sweet Darcy, her 6 and our 10. Now that's quite a bunch!!!
Snow plow on the way to Springs

Scenery on the way.

Look out for the snow balls.Amy Grace hanging with mom!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sling shots, glass, and Joy

Today Mommy had some stuff to do in town so Jenny, Patty and I watched the kids.
Cindy also had to go to town so she brought Hayden, Jordan, and Samuel over to play. The kids all enjoyed being together and played outside a lot today. Joy, Jordan and Joshua were playing in the Storage building and the boys were playing outside.
Matthew had his sling shot and was shooting rocks at things. One rock accidentally hit the already broken window of the storage building causing glass to fly inside where Joshua, Joy and Jordan were playing. Jordan came running to the house and told me that Joy was crying and Matthew had gotten glass in the storage building. Jordan was followed very closely by Joshua who told me that Joy had glass in her eye.
Joshua is prone to exaggeration and I thought that Joy had just gotten scratched by glass on her cheek or something close to her eye. I told them to tell Joy to come over here, she came crying and holding a hand over one eye. I looked in her eye and sure enough there was a piece of glass in it. I asked one of the kids to get me a Q tip and VERY carefully got the glass out of her eye. Of course while all this is happening Cindy drives up to pick up the kids and I got Jenny and Patty to help make sure they took home everything that they brought.
I did not get any pictures taken of Joy but she is feeling much better and I am very thankful that Joy's eye was the only injury from the incident.
Matthew got a lesson in never shooting his slingshot close to any buildings or vehicles, and we all lived happily ever after.
Just another day in the Zesch Household : )

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

H.O.M.E. Heart of Motherhood Enrichment Retreat

We just returned home from Heart of Motherhood retreat that we put on every year with lots of wonderful helpers. This year we had a fabulous team of women who spoke God's word on motherhood and helped in many other ways too. Decorations, etc.. Wow!! We were all in awe of how God's mighty hand moved on us all. It was amazing!!
I want to thank my wonderful girls for all the work they put into making retreat such a fantastic success. It is such a joy to work beside the girls and watch how the Lord has abundantly gifted them each. Thank you Annie, Jenny, Patty, and Joy. This retreat would not have happened without you. You are amazing young ladies!!!!!
Packed up and ready to head to BrownwoodWe took all the seats out of the van except one. We take all the food, Jenny's drums, bedding, etc. Decorations are done, yea!!Ready to welcome the ladies.
The girls leading worship Friday nightAnnie blessed us singing Sufficient, His Grace, Mercy, and Love is sufficient. It''s all we need!
We had a pajama tea party Fri. night and the girls entertained us with Silly songs with Larry. Or shall we say, Silly songs with Jenny. Larry, tell me about your childhood.

Moms hanging with their little's and taking it all in. We loved having all the children with us.Penny taking good care of Any. Penny helped us too, such a blessing. Amy was blessed with lots of loving hands!!

Hey guys,

This is Patty and i just wanted to put up some pictures of the retreat last weekend to show yall kinda how it went.
Patty started this post and asked me to finish it, so once again a team effort.

All the Ladies had a free time and some went walking around the camp.

And others chatted in a quite place.While still others just hung out with all the other Ladies.
One of our wonderful speakers sharing her heart.
Jenny, blessings us with "I am" He is all we need!!Sharing about nutrition with the ladies.
Book and Food Table
Elaine Russo sharing God's word about marriage.
H.O.M.E. retreat was such a success thanks to our great and mighty Savior orchestrating it so perfectly. Praise His Name.