Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goings on around here!!

The cool mornings have called for hoodies, which get shucked quickly when the kiddos are running, biking, and playing hard enjoying the fall weather:)

Twin power helping joy as she pulls Amy and Stella

Everyone ready to go to SALT (Sharing and learning together) coop.  We participated in coop years ago, actually started it with another family.  We joined again this year and the kiddos are enjoying drama, art, some science, history and PE.

Amy and Stella showing off their lunch boxes.   No Michael, Killer can not come with us:)

Another blessing;  we are going to finish the outside of the house.  A friend of ours started a business were they spray on limestone and then cut it to make it look like stone.  So, that is what we are doing.  Joshua and Jimmie helping with the tar paper before the wire, and limestone. 

Had to get this;  I heard Amy reading, or telling the little teapot story;  came around the corner to see her sitting in her car with her book.  Too cute!!!

Rain, Rain, Glorious Rain!!

Roy and some of the crew  took a drive about 2pm. to check out the creeks and river.  Enjoy!!  This is a shot on 381 going towards Lowake, just a few miles North of the house

Hwy 380 ,about 5 mi. east of the 380/381 intersection

Concho on 1692

Field on 1692

Intersection of 1692 and 380

Our draw

Across 381 from our cattle guard
And some funnies!!!  Aren't they cute!!!

We had a wonderful day!!  9.3 inches of rain the last Roy checked, the Aggies beat Arkansas, Whoop!! , the creeks and rivers are flowing, and the frogs are croaking.  Thank you Father for plentiful rain and a super day!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stella can ride her bike:):)

Yea!!!!  Way to go Stella, look at her go.  Thank you Joy for all your help!!!!

Go Stella!!!

I can ride my bike with my handle bars, with my handle bars!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grammy tour :)

Port Aransas, we played at Mustang Island State Park the second day we were at the beach.  Showed all the kids where G'Pa used to live when he was superintendent there.

My mom has taken the kids to the beach for the last 10 -12 years.  A few years ago I started going with her to help with littles, and a few times Roy has gone too.  This year Roy, myself, and Joshua and down went on the Grammy tour as we have always called it.  We stayed at Corpus Christi beach,  you can see the Lexington in the background. 

Everyone had a great time playing in the waves and the sand.

Matthew trying out Joshua's skim board.
Sand, Sand, wonderful sand!!!

We saw this wind surfer or kite surfer and thought of Kellen.  We all think Kellen needs to join us next year and show us all how this is done.

Michael chasing sea gulls.  I really thought he was going to catch one.  Below, all these look like they are in formation.

Roy and the boys on their fishing trip.

Matthew said, "fishing with dad was so much fun!"
Michael and his spade fish.

Jimmie and his dog snapper fish.  Joshua caught some too, we just didn't get any pictures.  :(

Joshua playing with Amy!  Such an awesome big brother.

Loved this pic!

Matthew's hermit crab.  He named him hermy the eight ball. 

We all had a super fun time, just missed all the big kids;  we hope they can join us next year.  Thanks Grammy!!!!!!!!

Lake Ivie with the whole family:)

We had the whole family together a few weekends ago.  Yea!!!  It was wonderful!  Annie and Kellen and Jenny and Justin came out Friday and stayed in our new bunkhouse blessing!!!  Saturday morning we all headed to Lake Ivie in Papa's boat that  he blessed us with as well:)  Here we are relaxing at the camp site, while the others are on the water.

Coming in for a break.

Joshua and Jimmie chillin

Joy and Amy.  As you can see the lake is really down.  They said it was only about 20% full.  Come on rain!!

Stella and Matthew

We saw this building on the way and had to get a picture
Amy and Matthew

Michael being Michael:)

Hanging out while the others were on the boat.

Looks like Amy is really concentrating here:)

Joshua fishing.  He didn't catch anything while floating;  however, when he and Jimmie were fishing on the bank Jimmie caught a gar.

Here come the tubers

Roy always gives them a good ride.  We did some skiing too, just didn't get pictures.  Roy, Kellen, Joshua, Jimmie and some of the littles went back on Sun. morning and Jimmie skied for the first time.  Way to go Jimmie. 

It was a great day and super weekend with the whole family!!!!!!!