Saturday, January 31, 2009

The funny things kids say

Kids say some funny things sometimes. This afternoon Matthew came downstairs and his finger was bleeding, Jenny and I asked him what was wrong and he said that he cut it on Joshua's knife. We were asking him why he had it and where he got it and he said " I got it out of Joshua's drawer because I wanted to see if it would make me bleed"
Everyone burst out laughing and and promptly said we have to take pictures so we can post this on the blog.
So here are some pics of Matthew's finger.

This one is kinda hard to see it is before we bandaged it up.

This is Matthew after we doctored his war wound, for those of you who don't know he is doing the A&M Gig' Em sign.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Pictures

We had lots of pictures of kids, horses and such I wanted to post so.......

We live in west texas and it was COLD!!! wow lol. heres the cows in the cold foggyness
McCulla in Joshua's cowboy hat SO CUTE!!!
Matthew McCulla Michael and Stella
McCulla "Cross your eyes" lol
Pick up sticks!!! er spaghetti??? lol
Jimmie and Chip!!
Joshua on Chip!! Chip is doing awesome!!
Michael and Chip(pretend you don't notice the person leading him. lol he was ridin all by hisself)
Michael+Joshua's hat+Patty's boots+penguin pj's= TOTAL CUTENESS!!!
"The bible says Patty is a cutie-a-putie I am not a cutie-a-putie amen" where does she get these things??lol

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Becky tagged us today, this is the first time we have been tagged so.
Here are the rules.

1. Choose the 4th folder where you store pictures on your computer.
2. Select the 4th picture in the folder, and post it on your blog.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag four people to do the same.
5. No cheating (cropping, editing, etc.)

This picture is one of us at Discovery Camp in 2004 a lot of the kids were in a dance to the song Dismissed by Zoe Girl. Kevin Barr was the devil and this is a picture of him getting painted up prior to doing the dance.

So I tag De' Etta, The Woodleys, The Dickens, and Daddy.
Have fun,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Chocolate Chip Day!!

Yum!! Except the chocolate chip that your thinking about is not the chocolate chip that I'm talking about.
Heres a picture to clarify:
Meet Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip is a miniature horse that our grandparents gave us. He needs a little attitude adjustment but lol don't we all? He has done so much better since we have got him.
Patty and Chip having a standoff. Chip eventually realized Patty was boss and not him.

So far he has lots of nicknames including(but not limited too lol) Chip, Chip Dip, and Chipper. He is not friends with the other horses yet but we are working on that. But in the meantime he is down at the pens which means we have to feed him and bring him up for water every day. But leading him up and back twice a day should speed up his training and attitude adjustment. lol.

Ace was dissapointed that he wasn't the center of attention
Michael carrying tomatoes
Ain't he cute
The kids also rode Nickers

Monday, January 12, 2009

Whats been Happing

Well a lot of things have been happening around here since we last updated. Mommy's parents came for the Mengers/Zesch family Christmas. We had lots of fun with them, played lots of domino and card games. They gave the kids a Basketball goal which has now been set up and the kids love it.

Daddy was going to expand our garden, but instead decided to just move it. Last week he rented a John Deere front end loader and dug a spot for the garden. It is going to be huge.

The twins, Jimmie, and Stella got body paint soap for Christmas. You paint yourself up, and in the process wash your body. A great idea, except for the day that the twins got the soap and painted the bathtub. At least it was the tub and not the carpet or walls.

Stella got these camo overalls for Christmas from Mommy and Daddy and loves them. Doesn't she look so cute? :)
Whoops I forgot to flip the picture LOL