Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cute pics

Patty and Amy mowing!!! I think we have one of Patty with Stella on her shoulders a few years ago. :)

Where's Amy? Hiding in daddy's closet!!!!

Two budding pianists, they really were playing together. Look how intently Amy is placing her fingers.:)

And, last but not least Amy's new friend. She was a little unsure at first.

Kothmann Reunion

Cousins playing mother may I.


And , more visiting.

Lunch at Granny's after church on Sunday.

Good family visiting!!!

Justin, this is a family meeting, pay attention! I really don't know what Jen is saying, it looks intense.:):)

Roy visiting with his cousins.

Bodenhammer Reunion

We gathered at the Llano river even though it was really, really low.

Roy's mother has 3 sweet sisters and one brother. You see they found a shady spot to visit.

Joshua and his cousin Payne fished and caught little's that they threw back. They had fun.

The girls playing Farkle.

Playing in the river


Playing in the rapids

Roy, the watchman

Going fishing, and Stella posing, imagine that!!

More little rapids

Amy and Papa chilling

Sunday morning before anyone hit the river we gathered for church, except for the fisherman that we had to call back:). It is such a blessing to have a family heritage seeking the Lord and His ways. We enjoyed a good discussion on walking as fans or followers of Christ.

One more cute Stella pic!!

House of Faith Swim party

We've been helping with House of Faith ministry in Ballinger for about 5 years and every summer we invite the kids to several swim parties. I took pictures for House of Faith so thought I would share on the blog. We had a really good turn out for our blessing to the families. We had a little over 100 in attendance. We invite the children's families and after we swim we have sandwiches and watermelon in the park. It was a fun evening.

Anyone else need a back rub?

Playing with Amy!!