Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A house full!!

Our friend Darcy and her 6 beautiful blessings stayed with us the week after Jenny and Justin's wedding. They had a graduation to attend the following Saturday. Everyone had a great time. Darcy's are 15 and down, so it was as if we had about 7 sets of twins in the house. Definitely a house full of blessings!! The kids played outside a lot. They worked on a tree house that Caleb(Darcy's) headed up. I wish we had a picture. I will have to go down and take one. They also made a home made slip and slide, and rode horses almost every day. Darcy, it was a fun having you and your children!!!!!!

Magan and Amy

One morning when the horses came up they found porcupine quills in our friends horse, Annie. Roy pulled them out, apparently about 30 or so.

Matthew and his friendly horned toad

Swimming at the La Quinta that the Kings stayed in the last day they were here

Matthew catching the football. Patty threw to the boys for a long time and our Mr. athletic Matthew went for it every time.

Three little girls down for a nap

Now that's a full living room at movie time

Home made slip and slide. I was so proud of them, didn't they do a good job.

New calf

The last few days we've been noticing Bessie showing signs of really getting close to calving and today we are sure the signs were accurate.

Isn't she cute!!!!! Joshua just said, "Are you sure its a she?" We'll not exactly, we ordered sex specific semen so we hope so.
OK, now for the name. The choices are; Sweet pea, Mocha, Carmel, Sweetie, and May. Place your vote now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Mark McClure's wedding and a recital

Altar decorated and ready for a bride and groom.

Jenny Kay Zesch and Justin Mark McClure had an amazing wedding last Saturday. Jenny was beautiful and Justin was very handsome and a tad nervous. So now we have a new son and a daughter with a new name. We are so very excited to see what the Lord has planned for the two of them. We love you both very much Mr. and Mrs. Justin Mark McClure!!!!!

Jenny and Justin, Granny and Papa, Roy and Julie, Uncle Glen and Aunt Rae Ann

Sweet Aunt Rae Ann and Amy

Stella looking cute!!

Jenny and Justin, parents of the bride and groom

Cake topper

The gym is decorated!

Table centerpieces without the flowers

Grammy and G'pa

Cousin Katelyn reading to the little's before the wedding Saturday

Justin's cheesecake, oh, it was so yummy!!

Granny and Amy at the rehearsal supper

Michael, Matthew, and Stella practicing as ring bearer and flower girl

Hi Patty!!!

Aunt Penny and Joy at the rehearsal supper

Annie and Kellen; ya'll were awesome helpers . Nice shot by the way:)

I looked back in the van on the way to the recital on Sunday and saw one tired boy!!!!

Joshua at the piano playing Song of the Kilimenjaro

Joy, playing Harp song
I thought I took a picture of Jimmie playing his piece and I guess I didn't, sorry Jim's.

Annie, Joshua, Jimmie, and Annie played a piece at the spring recital. Their teacher Mrs. Schlaudt has asked Annie to play with the high school ensemble team in Arlington this year. They can have a select number of post twelve grade level members on the team, so Annie will join us. We will head to Arlington on June 17th to see these four talented pianists play on ensemble teams. Joy and Jimmie are on a team together and will play a piece called Spy. Joshua is on a team and will play a piece called Rhapsody, and Annie's team is playing Carmen. We are all very excited.
We'll have the professional pictures of the wedding as soon as the bride and groom come back from their honeymoon and we get with the photographer.

Horsing' around

Patty having fun on her Ace!!!!!!

Joshua and Amy with Nickers

Amy loves Patty's Ace.

Annie's Birthday and some fun pics

Cute and pretty pics!!

We celebrated Annie's 20th a few weeks ago. I cannot believe she is 20. My how time passes quickly!!!!

The boys caught a snake a few weeks ago. They had some friends over and decided they needed another friend to play with. Look at the heart.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More pictures from Garner camping trip on the Frio

We wrapped up our weekend with a surprise visit to Granny's for Mothers Day. Great times!!!

Jenny and Justin messing around, think they were seeing who would get all the way in first. Stella's thinking, "Come on the water is fine." HeeHee. It was Frio!!!

Cute Stella

Annie enjoying her reading.

Annie and Amy

OK everyone, I'm ready to go back to camp, anyone want to go back with me?

A true gymnast with such form on the swing.

Patty looks like she is still climbing as she is swinging. That girl has form too. Look how high she is.

Go, Joy - Joy

Mom even tried out the rope swing.

Michael, just a swingin.

Fearless leader, just a swingin

Joshua decided to take some time out from snorkeling to swing

Such a wonderful man, helping lots of children on the rope swing!!!

And reading.

Joshua snorkeling.

Matthew swinging!!

Do you like Jimmie's paddles?

Jenny, will you give me a ride?

Look at the form that boy has while skipping rocks!

Amy and Joy walking back from the river.

Amy enjoying some hot chocolate

Joshua getting tackled.