Monday, February 23, 2009

Stella's artwork

So today I was making supper. I had just called Jimmie to come make a salad and noticed Stella sitting on the floor playing, " Stella lets go Potty" I said. As we were going over to the potty I noticed that she had nail polish all over her hands, I asked her why she had nail polish all over her hands and she said " I don't know". I told Patty to go look upstairs and see what all happened while I went to help Stella go potty. We think that she got into Joy's drawer and got the nail polish out and since Patty had painted her nails before she kinda knew what to do but happened to get it all over her self. The funny thing is that she got it all in her hair and all over her arms and hands but did not get it on her clothes at all that we have found. Here are some pics of Stella and her artwork.

After this happened I was reminded of something the twins did a couple years ago that was very similar. They were about 2 and were supposed to be laying down taking a nap. Patty heard something and went to check on them. They were in the Bathroom with nail polish painting them selves, it was summer and just had there diapers on so they had it all over there tummy's and all over the floor. When they heard Patty coming they threw it all down the clothes shoot into the dirty clothes basket. Thankfully there was no clothes in the dirty clothes basket. Mommy called Daddy in town and said " The twins have nail polish all over them and the girls bathroom and so I need you to pick up some nail polish remover at the grocery store", Daddy was thinking like a couple bottles but it turned out that it was not as bad as he thought. I am pretty sure that we took pictures of them but I can't find any, so that is the story for today of life in the Zesch household. Of course all this happened while Mommy was gone so she does not even know of it yet.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day!!!

Sooo today is Valentine's Day just in case you didn't know. lol. Anyways here's some pics, enjoy and Happy Valentine's day!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

What we do with the kids around retreat time.......

When we were getting ready to leave for the Heart of Motherhood Retreat we had taken the backseat out of the van so we would have more room for stuff so we had also taken all the car seats out. Sooooo the kids were being rowdy and we were trying to get stuff done.... then suddenly.....all was quiet. Around here quiet usually is not a good thing. So we went to check. This is what we found:
M&M and Stella

Michael and Matthew thought tipping over was fun

Matthew got up and walked around

"Jenny! I'm a turtle" lol


So now you know what to do when the kids are being rowdy.....just break out the car seats lol

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Since Annie posted she inspired me to post too. I think I should sit down and write a post and never seem to get to it. Guess I will have to get more committed.
Last night when we were getting ready to go to bed Michael came in with very mismatched pajamas on, which is not that uncommon. However, I asked if he could not find the pants that went with his pajama shirt. He said his leg fell in the soap bucket. We make our soap and keep it in a five gallon bucket. I guess he was playing king of the soap bucket and the lid wasn't on good and in went a leg. I asked him what he did with his soapy pants. He said he put them in the dryer. Oh no, Jenny had been washing all day. Now we had soapy pants added to a clean load in the dryer. I went to investigate. He actually had put his soapy pajama pants in the washer that had just spun out. So, we rewashed that load and certainly didn't need to add any soap. Hee Hee Wish I had a picture.


Ok, here is another post on the funny things kids say and do.
The other day I had just made lunch and was calling the kids to come and eat, most of the kids had come but the twins still hadn't come yet. Thinking that they were up stairs I went upstairs to find them, they weren't up there. After asking all the other kids I found out that they were outside at the water trough, not the one by the house but the one way down the road, so I yelled out the door for them to come and eat and could see them coming and thought nothing of it. Until ........Matthew comes walking into the kitchen and says " Look how dirty I am" I didn't take a picture of how dirty he was but here are some pics of Michael and Matthew when they were getting cleaned up.
I had to add to Annie's post. The pics you see of M&M cleaning up is the two of them cleaning themselves up.

Here is just a cute picture of Stella.