Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer activities

A few weeks ago we were headed out the door to HOF in Ballinger. I told everyone to load up and get buckled in the van. Joy came in announcing there was a snake on the front porch. I told her to see if it was a rattlesnake. Turns out it was not, so we headed out. When we came home it was lounging on the swing. We identified it as a bull snake. Roy told the kids to shoo it off the porch. The courage started out high until they made it mad and it started its rattlesnake impersination. Dad got it off.
I found everyone on the trampoline one morning playing hot potato. We'll not everyone.HeeHee And, Stella has enjoyed playing with playdough and pretending she is baking cookies. Yum, Yum.I tried to turn this pic and it didn't work.


During the big tree planting weekend, the 107 degree one, Annie and I and Grammy went to Houston for Annie's ensemble performance. It was great. Its awesome to watch big groups of students playing together. This year their ensemble was made up of 10 students. They played Scarlet Cape and they were self directed. Mrs Schlaudt, their instructor gave them a wonderful compliment during rehersal on Sat. She said she had directed many, many ensembles over the years and they were her best.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua

We have a 10 year old boy. Wow!!! Happy Birthday, Joshua. We are so very proud of you. You are growing into a wonderful godly young man. Keep pursuing the Lord and letting Him guide your path.
Such a water rat!!!
And, a ham!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today we dug a big hole to plant a new tree in the yard. Some of us ^^ Worked "reeeallly" hard lol They did work though.

It was reaaaalllllly hot!!! We rested some in the shade ha ha.

Yay a new tree.

Jimmie, Michael and matthew were playing with the water hose lol it was pretty funny

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bodenhamer Reunion

Granny, Dakota, and Aunt Rae Ann

This weekend we gathered in Mason for the Bodenhamer Reunion. Roy's mother's side of the family. She has two sisters and one brother. Most of the family was in attendance.
It was great. Its such a blessings to be a part of a family of believers. Sometimes I think we take our family heritage for granted. Many thanks to our parents, aunts and uncles for teaching us about Jesus and the importance of that relationship. Mathew scraping out the watermelon after it sat out all night and flies had feasted on it. Oh well, extra probiotics.

We had a fun weekend playing on the river. Roy took two groups on a float trip Sat.Look closely at the arm above the elbow. I was getting Michael's life jacket on and buckled his arm in. Oops. He said it was a little too tight. The younger crew went first with mom's and dad's and the older crew left about 8p.m. for a moonlight float. They decided it was lots of fun and very pretty floating in the calm water with the moonlight. The not so fun part came in when they couldn't see the rocks or the best way to float through the rapids. It was a fun experience, though they may stick to floating during the day. Roy's aunt Sheryl was a real trooper. She and Annie kayaked together on the night float. I'm not sure if she knew what she was getting into. We didn't get pictures of the canoe rides, though we did get some river pic's. The group that didn't canoe played in the river. We all had fun. Patty and her cousin Sierra snuck up on me for a good dunking. I fought pretty hard so now I have a sore neck. I did get them back though. I had a few other cousins sabotage their late night canoe ride and flip them. To bad we don't have pic's. We gathered Sunday morning after breakfast and had a church service. Patty and cousin Mason led worship and Roy led us in a great discussion on Psalm 91. Praises to our King for His unending Love and Protection.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Chalk Woohoo

I walked outside to check on Michael and Matthew because they had been outside for awhile.

I believe the first words out of my mouth were "You two are definately taking baths tonight!" lol
Stella decided to help out.
They were having lots of fun being MESSY!!!

I'll have to post later about our fun weekend camping for a family reunion

Monday, June 1, 2009


Annie, is that you??? Can you see the speck in the sky?

We had a full week and a great weekend. We finished it off with Annie's senior trip to skydive. One of the other graduates, Jamin Goecker wanted to skydive upon graduating and asked the other graduates if they wanted to make a trip of it. Annie was game. With permission from dad on the grounds that he would chaperon the dive, the trip was on. Our whole gang wanted to watch so we all loaded up and headed to San Marcos. The Goecker's graciously allowed a few of our crew to ride with them as the van is a little sick. We think a busted water pump. Anyway, a fun road trip with another family. Grammy and Grandpa joined us too. As you can see, Grandpa had to tell the staff how it is done. Actually, he was inquiring as to were they would fly over and drop. Such a good pic, it looks like he's coaching the staff. We got to San Marcos and after a little wait they suited up. Roy, Annie, Jamin, his brother Josiah, and his sister Krista. They headed for the plane, and their off.Here comes AnnieShe's on the ground safe and soundCan you believe my first born has graduated? Annie, you are a beautiful young lady. Truly becoming a Prov.31 woman. We're so proud of you. Sniff, SniffRoy coming inHe's on the ground too, Yea!!
A great day. It was fun to hang out with the Goecker's. Can you believe this is only two families and we're missing one?

Saturday - Church play day

Saturday, we had a church play day. We do this periodically throughout the year. It's fun to let the kids all play and we really enjoy the fellowship. We closed with praise and worship. The weather was beautiful. A really fun day.
Stella's going for the kill. Hee Hee

Stephen Jones, Not sure what he is doing. Funny way to practice with a bull whip.HeeHee some people rope ropin dummies. Stella rides 'em.

SACHSA swim party

Friday we went to the SACHSA swim party. I t was fun to see friends and visit and watch the kiddos swim, giggle, and get up the courage to go down the slide or the high dive. Brown's pool is a lot of fun. It was a good outing after 3 days in court. This year SACHSA had the party at 7p.m. due to other swim parties and it was nice the dads c0uld be involved.