Monday, December 29, 2008

Silly Boy

This morning after breakfast Joshua asked me to go upstairs and help Matthew down. So I went to see what had happened this time and found this:

If you can't tell he is on the top shelf in their closet
So I helped him down and he went off to play.
Silly Boys

Our Christmas

So I thought I would post pictures of our christmas.

Michael and Matthew decked out with their new stuff

Stella with her "Princess Snuggle"
Joy with her doll car seat
Joshua and his walkie talkies
Annie with her jewlery box with pictures of "her babies" in it
Jimmie with his new gun
Matthew and his new gun
Dad with his paintball gun!!
Mom with her cross set
Hope your Christmas was as good as ours!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas Everyone hope all of you have a very wonderful Christmas.
The Zesch Family

Monday, December 22, 2008

Patty's Birthday

Ok I will now post about Patty's birthday that happened on Friday, I guess I am a little behind.
We always have cinnamon rolls on everyone's birthday and for the cinnamon rolls you need brown sugar, well on the twins birthday 3 days before patty had used all the brown sugar and neglected to put it on the grocery list, so on her birthday we didn't have any. We made do with rapadura and honey and cinnamon rolls ended up turning out great. Here are some pics of Patty on her birthday.

Take a deeeeeep breath.....

And BLOW!!!!

A card

A shirt

Happy 14th Birthday Patty.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Michael and Matthew's Birthday

Since today is Patty's birthday I thought that I would post about the twins birthday on Tuesday.
Here are some pics from the fabulous fours.

A bucking bull!!!

and a sling shot!!!!


Opening his present

A sling shot!!!!

A Bucking bull!!!!!

While Jenny and I were making breakfast Matthew was standing on a stool watching in front of the presents, we were not really paying much attention to him until we heard " I like this" , we both looked up very quickly and saw that Matthew was looking in the present, so we got the boys together and found the camera and let them open there presents.

Monday, December 15, 2008


This morning we had some biscuits with breakfast and Regina Woodley gave us some grape Jelly with some other stuff for Christmas and so we used the grape jelly on the biscuits this morning and this is the jar after everybody was finished.

Later that morning Dad called me, Patty down and said Ace was up so this is why we call him my puppy dog he really wanted in the warm house. (:

Making the move Coming in Pouting

Hope you enjoyed.,

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last Week

These are just some pic that I did on , I am still working on this part.
This is Jimmie before our weekly bike ride, how do you like his choice of shoes.

This is Michael just being cute.

Last week was quite exciting, especially for Joshua. Tuesday evening Roy asked Joshua to string some corn for the deer. He came running back in the house telling us about an Armadillo the dogs were barking at under a water trough which covers water pipes so the cattle don't tear them up. Roy told Joshua to go catch it and play with it. At this point, Jimmie joined in the chase. A few minutes later Jimmie came running in to say that water was squirting everywhere.We're guessing in the midst of the skirmish between the dogs and the armadillo pipes got busted. Joshua came walking back with his prize armadillo, beating off the dog who was quite bothered by the fact Joshua had the armadillo and not him. Roy headed out to turn water off and access the damages. After digging a bit he asked us to call a friend who manages a plumbing supply business in town to see if he was still at the office. About an hour later, Doug brought us some parts and he and Roy got it put together. Doug headed for home and Roy headed to get the pipes fixed and us running water so we could wash the dishes and get a much needed drink. The kids weren't to fond of Kumbucha for supper. Roy's guess on the problem was wrong. Back to the drawing board. He knew Doug kept some spare parts at home so he called to check. No luck. He and Roy decided Roy could meet him at the store about 7 the next morning. Annie and Jenny headed to some friends up the road with a few 5 gallon buckets to get some drinking water. Roy got us up and running the next day about 9:30. Quite an ordeal. All over an armadillo.

Tuesday, Jenny got her top braces off and Patty got her bottom braces on. After counting the cost we're praying and believing for everyone else to have straight teeth. Thursday Patty started helping Mark Clise pick cotton. She has been running the module builder for him. We are not sure who has more fun Patty or the kidz coming and going to visit her. Friday, we put up Christmas decorations and had our weekly pizza. The pizza pro happened to get home in time to roll out the dough or shall we say toss the dough. Saturday the ladies went to town for a ladies day out and ushered at the Nutcracker.
Sunday, Joshua shot his second doe in the neck. Way to go Joshua. More meat for the freezer. Thanks Joshua.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


It's getting to be that time of year, on Friday we put up most of our Christmas decorations,

Michael was sticking a light in his belly button.

On Saturday we went to see the Nutcracker, and today we took a family Picture thanks to our photographer Becky.