Monday, September 5, 2011

Grammy's Beach trip

Grammy blessed us again this year with a trip to the beach. We went to North beach in Corpus Christi. We had a marvelous trip. The weather and beach were beautiful!! We all had lots of fun!!!!

Amy feeding the sea gulls

Michael feeding the sea gulls. Michael is the one who made sure we had bread for them.

Gearing up to fly kites.

Twins on a hermit crab hunt.

Flying kites

Annie and Patty playing with Amy.

The boys hermit crab village.

Playing around in front of the Lexington

Fun at the pool when they were not playing at the beach.

Joshua took Roy's snorkeling gear and had a big time with it.

Boys, boys, boys!!

Isn't this priceless. Michael's adorable grin. He would jump in, swim down and touch the bottom of the pool and he wanted me to get his picture as he came up. :)