Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sunday we all headed to San Marcos to go Skydiving. Woo Hoo!!
This all started last year when Annie's graduating class decided to go Skydiving for their class trip. We told her that would be our graduation gift to her if she wanted to go and Dad definitely wanted to chaperon the trip. Two of the graduates ended up making the trip. You guessed it one of them was our Annie. So... when Jenny graduated she wanted the same graduation gift. The problem was Jenny was 17 when she graduated so we had to wait until she turned 18 (Skydive San Marcos rule). After discussing this with family and friends we had a few extras join us this year; 13 of us jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. And, yes the us includes me, the mom. It was a BLAST!!!

Here is Grammy and sweet Amy hanging out while the jumpers are gearing up and getting ready to jump. Grammy was a huge blessing, helping watch littles while we jumped. And now I have to tell you the other reason Grammy and G'Pa came along. Last year they came to watch and G'Pa said if we jumped again he was going to jump too. So, at the young age of 70 G'pa jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

I was going to post the graduates jump first and pictures will not cooperate, so here is the G'Pa.

G'Pa heading out to the airplane. He's up and out of that perfectly good airplane.
He's on the ground and grinning from ear to ear. He had a jumping buddy too. One of the girls friends, Kalleigh Bowhay's dad came and jumped too. I think these guys had fun!

Annie jumped again this year too. She's headed for the plane. She's on the way down.

On the ground!

Here come some more of the group.

Kellen, another friend, on the ground and grinning too.

Justin's down.

Justin, Jenny and I on the ground safe and sound. It was great!!!

The graduate and her man getting geared up. Which, by the way, Sunday was Justin's birthday. What a way to celebrate.

Becky and Steven Jones before take off. So cute!!

My handsome sweetie and I before we jumped.

Loading up.

The mommy coming in for a landing.

Dad is on the ground too.

It was a fun filled day making memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jenny is 18!!!!!

Our sweet Jenny is 18; seems unbelievable. Just yesterday she was the size of Amy, now she is holding her and blowing out 18 candles.

Jenny requested our traditional cinnamon rolls and Joy insisted we have all 18 candles. Made for a very full cinnamon roll.

Dad thought we needed a fire extinguisher. HeeHee

Jen, we hope you had a wonderful day. We are so very proud of you. You have grown up to be a beautiful, mighty woman of God. We bless you!!!!!!!

I couldn't resist putting up this picture. Patty took this yesterday afternoon. Matthew was so very serious and focused as he looked at this magazine. Our 5 year old looks like such a little man.:)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lake Buchanan

Last weekend we all gathered at Lake Buchanan. The whole family. We had a wonderful time. Got to visit with our friends the Burrage's. This picture is a tribute to my niece Katelyn. Several years ago the Menger's clan gathered at Lake Whitney and in almost all the pictures Katelyn had a towel on her head. Remember, Katelyn? :)

The handsome boat driver and part of his crew.

Jenny slaloming. She looks pretty good, hey G'pa?

And the mommy having a blast!!

Amy's boat ride. Isn't she adorable?

Patty and Matthew tubing!!

Patty and Justin hanging on. We realized the tube had a leak, so it was slowly deflating.:)

And, the gang with out towels.:)

Sweet Amy having fun at the pool.

Jenny, Matthew, and Amy

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Late post on six flags

We went to Six flags several weeks ago. We took everyone except the twins and Stella. Justin looked into what rides everyone could ride. Most of them are checked by an individuals height. So after measuring J, J, and J, we decided to take them. Jimmie could not ride all the rides so when several of us rode the roller coaster batman, Roy took Jimmie on a smaller bat man.
Then Jimmie's sweet Jenny rode with him.

Going up.
Off the ride and waiting for the splash.Splashed and soaked from head to toe.

Eating lunch in the parking lot. What a crew.
Two really goofy best friends.
Amy hanging with Jimmie while we waited for everyone else to come out of Mr. Freeze.
Joshua, Joy, Simone, and Patty on the log ride.
Jimmie, Justin, Jenny, and Josh on the log ride.
Amy was a real trooper. It was really, really hot and she did so good. She is the youngest Zesch to go to Six Flags. Jenny would say way young since this was her first time to go.