Wednesday, April 11, 2012


While in Mason this weekend we took our annual bluebonnet tour.  The rains we have been blessed with this year made for a beautiful drive.  We were about a week late as they were already seeding out, however still gorgeous.  It is so nice to see green again. 

Come on boys show us your pearly whites!! 

Amy and Joshua relaxing in granny's hammock

We stopped in the crossing at James river and took our annual river picture.  Look Jenny, the girls saved you a spot.
Amy's holding on tight to Annie's cuffs:)
Annie's little driver
Nice, Patty and Joy
Stella and Amy

8000 Hotdogs

 Last weekend Roy and the big crew cooked 8000 hotdogs for an Easter outreach in San Angelo

 Lots of dogs and lots of eggs.  Tree of Life Church's 12th year to host an Easter outreach.
 150,000 eggs
 More dogs ready

 And, just as they finished they blessed daddy with confetti eggs.  :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sand, Sand, wonderful Sand!!

Last weekend our church fellowship went camping at Monohans Sand Hills State Park.
We had a wonderful time and it was such a joy to watch all the children playing together, young and old.
It was especially a joy to watch them all look after each other. 
Joy  took some of the littles back to camp.  She carried Amy and Kimber a long way.  Joy, you're amazing!

Patty and Lane played for us.  We had awesome worship and just some good 'ol pickin.:)

This sand castle with bridge and moat was a group effort.  Good job!!

Anyone need a foot rest?
Joshua, I think Dakota wants you to pay attention to her and not the camera:)
Matthew said he kicked the pavement, I think he meant he stumped his toe.  Looked interesting with all the sand.

Go Amy, you can do it!!

We had a super time, lots of fun and great fellowship!!!!!