Saturday, May 31, 2008


I got to babysit Tyrel yesterday!!!! . Wednesday was Becky and Stephens anniversary, so they asked if we could watch Tyrel while they went out to eat for their anniversary. So I got to play with my Boyfriend. I was nice and shared, and all the little kids had fun playing with ( Tywel) as they say. Here are some cute pics of Ty. If you want to see more go to bsjones in our favorite blogs.
Ty isn't he so cute.

Cutie Baby Boy Here is Ty playing with Joy and Jimmie

The Kids

Here are some pics of the twins and Stella playing in the pool.
Annie Michael and Matthew on the same noodle Cute Stella Michael on the noodle

Friday, May 30, 2008

Just Another Day.....

Today at lunch Matthew spilled his green drink.........again......... he spills it almost every time he drinks it. So I went over there to clean it up. It was all over the wall, all over the floor, all over the table, all over the chairs (his and Michaels), all over Matthew, all over Michael, all over Stella's high chair, and all over a light saber that happened to be on the floor. So in the midst of cleaning it up, Matthew was standing in the way. I told him to move so I could clean it up and he said.
"I just came to get this."
"What is it?" I asked.
He wouldn't tell me but hey he moved so I resumed my cleaning. A minute or two later I heard him blowing his nose. I looked up in time to see an air soft bullet flying out of his nose. He got in trouble of course. Although it was funny to see Mom trying to keep a sraight face while telling Matthew not to stick anything in his nose.
Just another day in the Zesch home.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Social Security Story

Here is our Social Security Story, the story of how hard it has been to get SS on the 6 littles. Daddy wrote it on his blog and here is the
Hope you enjoy it.

To sleep or not to sleep outside

Lately the kids have had several time that they wanted to sleep outside, but so far they have never made it past ten minutes. The first time the other kids Joshua, Joy, and Jimmie were gone with my Grandparents to spend some time with them. We were putting everyone to bed, and the twins wanted to sleep outside on the trampoline. Patty helped them get all settled, and came back in and said" I bet it will only take them 5 minutes to come back inside." About three minutes later here comes Matthew, and right behind him comes Michael "We want to sleep inside." So we got them and put them in bed. The next time Joshua, Joy, and Jimmie had come home and all of the little kids except Stella wanted to sleep outside. We got them all settled and about ten minutes later Joshua and Joy come in saying" We want to sleep inside, there are mosquito's." So we will see if one night the kids can make it outside all night.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last Weekend

Last weekend, we had a lot of fun. Mommy and Daddy went to a beach wedding and took Joshua , Joy, Jimmie, Michael, Matthew and Stella. The kids loved the wedding and now the twins think that all weddings are great, I mean you get to play in the sand, and blow bubbles, what is not to love? When the wedding party left they blew bubbles instead of throwing rice or birdseed. Mommy , Daddy and the kids had a really good trip and lots of fun. Joshua Joy, and Daddy Michael and Matthew All the littles Boys playing in the sand

Jenny Patty and I went with Mommy's parents to our cousin Katelyn 's graduation, and had lots of fun. We went tubing and wake boarding,
and had a wonderful time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crazy Cooking

Here are some pics of our potato masher, we had four burners on and someone left it hanging out of the pot towards the center of the stove, which happens to be very hot, as you can see.Here it is starting to melt.Here is a closer look.

Here is how it looks laying flat.


Sunday, May 11, 2008


Last week we went camping with our church. We had a lot of fun, We brought canoes and lots of the kids and young s had fun camping. Some of our family went floating down the river three times. I had a lot of fun because Becky let me watch Tyrel, while she went floating with Stephen. Well I would post some pics but I can't find the Camera so I will post pics later.
Happy Mothers Day to all and to all Good Night.
Ok, I finally have some pictures.Want a smore Michael?Everyone at the campfire.