Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Texas State Aquarium

This is at the Texas State Aquarium with the U.S.S. Lexington in the background. And although we did not tour it this year we did last year.
Here's a few more pics from our Grammy tour. We had a rainy day, but had already planned the aquarium so it all worked out great.
Petting stingraysThese are a few cute pics. Annie and Darcy, this one is for you. Isn't she sooooo cute!!!!A pic of M&M during worship at church. Don't they look like they really are reading. HeeHee

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beach and A Birthday!!!

Grammy and I took the kids to the beach for the annual Grammy tour (we think our fifth year). We had lots of fun!!The first day was beautiful beach weather. We played buried Stella, played some more. This is for Annie (Hi Annie!!!) Then while the younger kids continued to play in the water and look for shells with Grammy the big girls did some gymnastics on the beach. After our beach fun we relaxed at the pool. Wednesday was also Jenny's birthday. Happy 17th Jen, we love you so much and are so proud of the lovely lady you've become. Know God has wonderful plans for you!!! We continued to celebrate this morning with cinnamon rolls and presents. Jenny's new purse!!!
Chatted with Annie today. She's doing great and getting adjusted to Ghanaian life. To follow her adventure you can go to anniezesch.blogspot.com
Can't get pics to load will get tech help this evening. LOL Thanks Patty!!!!!!!!!!1

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Annie's off to Ghana

We started Annie's farewells on Sunday after church. We had several families over for a prayer and fellowship time with Annie. We anointed her, blessed her, and covered her in prayer. We also had fun fellow shipping all afternoon. Monday I asked Annie what she wanted to do. I knew there were several of her friends who still wanted to get together with her, so if she wanted to go to town I wanted her to. My awesome Annie blessed me instead. She stayed home. She told me that the one other thing she wanted to do was to set up the baby bed. Wow!! We had several of her favorite meals and she got up in the attic, brought down the baby bed, bedding, clothes, bouncy seat, bath tub, etc. She washed all the bedding and set up the baby bed. Wow!! Wow!! I'm all teary eyed again!!! Today we had a crazy morning. We headed to Fed Ex at 8a.m. to pick up Annie's visa that was to be over night ed, went to get her last round of Hep vaccine, and on to Cornerstone Christian School so one of the classes that is studying Africa could meet her and send her off with prayer. One of our old pastor's was there too which made it extra special. On to the airport. Check in the baggage. Oops!!! over weight, way overweight!! An extra $360.00 ouch!! We hugged,and hugged,
and hugged,and hugged,
loved, hugged some more
and prayed some more with one of our very special friends who came to see Annie off. And off she went. Annie, we love you so much!!
We pray God's abundant blessings upon you as you journey with the King of Kings.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eating with Chopsticks

We have some friends that moved to Japan recently and are now trying to adjust and in that adjustment are learning to eat with chopsticks. Joy and Jimmie got some chopsticks recently and are eating EVERYTHING with chopsticks, which can be VERY funny depending on what we are eating. Tonight we were eating lasagna and we just had to take pics of them eating lasagna with chopsticks lol.

We also took some pics of the Beautiful sunset that we had tonight.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Patty's Horse

Ok, so while Patty is gone her Horse is very bad.
Thursday while Daddy was mowing someone came by and said that they thought that we had some horses on the road. Daddy went to investigate and it turns out that Ace and Chip were out on the Highway. Daddy caught Chip and opened the gate so Ace could go through, but Ace decided that he wanted to do it the hard way and tried to jump the fence........BUT he didn't make it. He got cut up , not as bad as Nickers but pretty bad. Here are some pics

You will notice that he has some Horseman's Dream on his nose, that is because any time any of the kids gets hurt and we put Horseman's Dream on it we put some on their nose just for fun, since I had some on my finger I decided that Ace needed some on his nose also lol.Annie

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No training wheels and bigger bikes

M&M asked Joshua to take off their training wheels. Joshua promply went to work. He loves doing things like that. Although, he had a life lesson. After he took the training wheels off both of their chains mysteriously started coming off. He had loosened the chain not knowingly. Dad came to the rescue and let him know he was proud of his assertiveness, however, this needed a little supervision. Joshua and Joy went on the help each of the boys and they're riding everywhere now with no training wheels. Yea!!! Their getting so big. In the past as one child came out of training wheels everyone moved up a bike size, now we have two, so they can't all move up. Anyway, Jimmie gave Joy's bike a try and he's doing great also. Matthew has tried Jimmie's bike and although a little big he's getting it.
Big girls, the three J's have all moved up a bike.