Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Racoon

Yesterday morning we had a lot of excitement around the house. Patty, Joshua, Joy and any number of little kids went to get Nickers to wash him. Patty was planning on washing him by the pool and when she brought him over there he you could tell that he really did not want to go over there. Rowdy was also over there and barking Patty and Joshua looked around and finally looked up in the tree and saw 2 racoons. Patty went to get the gun, Joshua took the horse a little ways away and Joy came in the house to get the camera and me. We all went out there and Patty stood around and stalled for a little bit and finally when she was going to shoot .......The Woodley's came driving up for LTG. So while Regina unloaded kids Patty finally got up the nerve to shoot. She shot, and shot and shot, Patty probably shot at the racoons like 20 time and hit them like 2, in the process she wounded one and it climbed out of the tree and ran away. So we switched to Joshua with out much luck and finally Mommy said that it was enough and she took over and finally killed it. Then of course we had to knock it out of the tree and have a science lesson. So here are some pictures of the day.

The racoon in the tree.

Close up of the Racoon after it was killed. Annie

Jenny's Birthday

Tuesday was Jenny's Sweet 16 birthday, since she was getting her drivers license we did have a very big celebration at home because Jenny wanted to leave as early as possible to go get her license. We let her go she passed and is now officially driving. Mommy planned a surprise birthday party for her at Pizza Hut with Granny, Chama, Sierra, Aspen , and Dakota coming to help celebrate. Here are some pics of her Party. All the cousins except for Patty Blowing out the candles I think that Jenny had a wonderful birthday, and really enjoyed seeing all the cousins.
Maybe Jenny will post something about it later but right now she is at a volleyball .

Monday, September 22, 2008

I am home

Just in case anybody was wondering I am home, I have been very busy ever since I got home and hadn't really had anything to blog about, still don't but will pull something together.
Let's see just so everyone knows the cotton picker is really not my boyfriend, it is a and she is really my baby more than anything.
Jenny had a Volleyball g a m e on Saturday and won. Yeah Jenny !!!!!!
Patty is still not home, she is still picking cotton and taking care of my baby, the cotton picker.
Buddy, our baby deer has not come up for about a week and we think that he just weaned himself and doesn't need us anymore. AAHHH.
I will write more when something happens.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Home !!!

I'm Home
in case some of you don't know I am Annie the oldest Zesch child, here is a picture of me.

I have been gone a lot lately, first I went to Colorado on trek with these people.

Then I went to South Texas to harvest cotton.

I just got back from Nevada babysitting these wonderful kids

I now have a special someone in my life,

It is.............................................................

It is.............................................................

It is...........................................................

my 9986 John Deere cotton picker. We spent many happy hours together.

I am back in full force and ready to change gears and hit the books so I can graduate.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today I (Jenny) went outside to look for Nickers so we could wash his cut and doctor it. When I looked outside I saw Amigo (Bobby's sorrel horse) grazing all by himself. "Thats funny" I thought "where's Ace?(Patty's horse)" Because they are ALWAYS together. So I looked a little closer and noticed that although the color looked like Amigo the conformation of the horse looked more like an Arabian. So I walked out there and sure enough it was Nickers covered in red from rolling in our sand volleyball pit. So we got some shampoo and a water hose and got to work it probably took 15 or 20 minutes to wash all the red off and get him looking nice again, then of course we had to doctor his cut. So anywho here are before and after pics of our messy horse. lol. Oh and pics of how his cut is improving so much!!
(By the way for you city people sorrel is pretty much red sometimes called chestnut.)

Friday, September 5, 2008

For Patty

Patty has requested that I post pictures of Ace(her horse) and Buddy( the pet deer). So here are pics for Patty.

I thought this picture was funny. We had a bowl of watermelon and told the kids to go get bowls so Dad went and got a bowl too. Bad lighting I know but if you can't tell its a big serving bowl that he has. LOL