Monday, November 23, 2009

Fun Pictures

Pretty Amy hanging out with a full tummy.

Stella laid with Amy on the floor this morning. Too Cute!!!

Saturday evening after baths (only three, as three are in Mason and three were at the movies) Stella and Jimmie and dad posed with Amy. :)Cute pic of Jimmie. We've been having fun with the new camera.

Friday, November 20, 2009

more pics. :)

Today cousins came to see Amy and Aspen and Dakota stayed for a little wile.
Here is a pic of Joy, Aspen, and Joshua doing school and Josh is reading a book.
This is Stella and Michael this morning i was playing with the camera Yet Again. :)

And of course a Amy picture. :)

Yall enjoy
Patty :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goings on :)

Wednesday Grandparents came and had lunch with us. They had the four wheeler with them and the boys loved playing on it. :)
I (Patty) was just playing with the new camera and happened to get this picture and just fell in love with it.
I really like pictures like this so i just had to let everyone see it. :)

And one more thing Michael and Matthew have marbles that they play with and Matthew was looking in the vitamin cabinet for a empty bottle to put his marbles in. lol :)Then of course we have to put some Amy pictures in here so here she is on her new blanket from her Granny!!


Monday, November 16, 2009

More Amy pictures for Annie:)

Here's our Amy update for Annie.

Dressed up for Sunday in a cute outfit, a blessing from our friends the Woodley's. Sleeping soundly:)

Sunning while big brothers watch over her. Matthew was so sweet to let Amy borrow his snuggle to sun on.

Fiddlesticks Farms

The homeschool group in San Angelo had a field trip on Saturday, in Midland, TX.

They had a Corn Maze.And a big slide that all the kids loved. Dad estimated it was about 30 feet high. ( Matthew probably went down it 20-30 times i think he liked it. :) )

They had a black slide.

They had about 10 round bales of hay that the kids played on. :)

They had a horse and bull that the kids played on but no one roped it. :)

And there was a big blob type thing that you jumped on that everybody loved. :)
I tumbled on it, it was very fun. :)

There was a little cow ride that they had.
Matthew decided that he wanted to ride in the front even though every one else was in the back. lol

There was even one named Missy. :)And there was a carriage ride.

Everybody had allot of fun. :)

Enjoy the pictures.

Patty. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

More Amy Pictures :)

So Stella's new thing is to play on the Gazelle and sing Mayberry by Rascal Flatts i tried to upload a video but couldn't get it to work so here is a picture. :)
Amy is still cute as ever growing and always hungry. :)
The kids have been getting frustrated because they cant hold her very long because she will want to eat shortly.
Ya'll enjoy the pictures.:)

Stella got a deer from Jamin, (a friend of ours) when he brought flowers . My Mom thought it was just the sweetest thing. :)