Sunday, June 29, 2008


Here are some pictures of the kids. Being sweet and goofy.

Michael and Matthew before church.

Below Mark reading to the boys after church, same day Jimmie and Stella helping in the kitchen

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I get to see my Babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait, I get to go see my babies. I am so excited, many of you know Darcy, she is a single Mom that we have helped. We babysat a lot over the years for her and some of her kids I practically raised for a period of time. Her three youngest are my babies, as I call them, because I helped Darcy a lot with them when they were little. Darcy moved to Nevada about 3 months age, and I have not seen her kids since. Next week she needs someone to baby sit her kids for awhile, she called us on Thursday and asked if I could do it. Daddy took forever deciding, since I'd be flying to Nevada, but he finally said Yes !!!! I can't wait, I have really missed them. On Friday she called to give me some information about the trip and I got to talk to Elizabeth, Samantha, and Michelle. For 2-3 hours after that I went around the house singing " I get to see my babies, I get to see my babies." I can't wait to go. I am slightly crazy, just from the idea of it.
Stella, Matthew, Samantha, and Michelle
The picture is not very good.


The twins and Samantha and Michelle eating Popcorn.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

9 KIDS!!!!!

Oh, by the way we now have 9 kids Matthew came in the mail last week. Now we finally have everyone's social security numbers.


Here are some pictures that we have not posted yet.

In the dog houseLooking for Roxie Stella saying cheese Michael in the box.

Michael and Matthew helping make peanut butter.

Stella wearing Matthew's boots.Awwww. Little Cowgirl. Annie

Monday, June 23, 2008


Ensemble is now finished for another year. Ensemble is one of my favorite piano things where the TMTA ( Texas Music Teachers Associations) has a convention every year, and music teachers from all over Texas will come and their students play ensembles. You can have any where from 6-8 kids to 20 or more kids, they have 10 Grand Pianos on stage and the students will all dress up to match the piece and play while their teacher directs it. Our high school group met with another high school group and played together. It was a lot of fun and this year Mommy, Grammy, and Granny all came with me. Here are some pics of ensemble , we videoed ensemble and I might try to youtube it and put it on here. All of these pictures are from the hotel.Notice you can see my mirror image on the piano
Me with Grammy and Granny.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Look At What We Fouun!!!

We found this on Saturday afternoon.

He is sooo cute!!!! Mable( our 1 year old mountain cur dog) found him on Saturday she was barking and so Dad went to see what it was and found this. When he got over there Mable quit barking and the deer ran off so Dad chased it a little and caught it. He is a boy and we named him Buddy. We have to feed him a bottle every 2 hours. Including through the night which isn't much fun. But he's cute anyway so we don't mind much.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

8 KIDS!!!

We just got Stella's last night. YAY!!! Matthew is the only one left.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We just got Joy and Michael in today, we will see how long it takes to get Matthew and Stella in.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well at least as far as the government is concerned. As most of you know Daddy has been working on getting social security on the six little kids, It has really been a chore, you can read about it here on Daddy's blog. About two months later we finally have social security on Joshua and Jimmie, I guess Joy was not good enough to get it before Jimmie, or maybe since the boys have the same middle name the got there's first. Who knows, but we now have 5 of our 9 kids.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fun on the Lake

Yesterday were invited to the Dickens for playing and supper. They live on the lake, and so we got to play with the tube and the jet ski since it was way to windy to do much of anything else.. It was a lot of fun,. the little kids enjoyed jumping off the dock, and Abigail and Stella had a lot of fun playing together. Here are some pics of the kids having fun.Enjoying the Jet SkiJumping off the Dock Relaxing
Stella and Abigail
Annie( The expert backer upper to far) ((See below for details LOL))

This is Jenny. I just had to post what happened to us after all the fun at the lake. LOL.
We were getting ready to go so Joy and I got on the jet ski and drove it over to the boat ramp. Annie and Patty drove the van and jet ski trailer over to the boat ramp so we could load the jet ski. So when I saw that Annie had backed the trailer into the water I drove the jet ski over there and loaded it onto the trailer. Now I have loaded the jet ski on the trailer many times before but I had not done it in a very long time. So when I loaded it I didn't give it a little gas at the end to push it up enough to get the ring through the V allowing us to put a pin through and secure the jet ski on the trailer. Annie and Patty and I tried to pick the front end up and pull it up but we were not strong enough. So I got back on the jet ski. Backed it off the trailer and reloaded it this time giving it the gas at the end to get it high enough on the trailer. Unfortunately this time I gave it too much gas which made the nose go off to the side and wedge it on the trailer pretty tight. So we tried to push the jet ski backward to get it off the trailer so we could try again. But no such luck it was wedged to tightly on the trailer. So Annie got back in the van and backed it further into the water, about as far as she could safely back the van. We hoped that in doing this the jet ski would float off the trailer, allowing us to reload it. Again, no such luck, so Annie decided to pull the van up and then back it again so that maybe the jet ski would be pushed off when it reentered the water. At this point I was still sitting on the jet ski, Patty was standing off to the side and Joy was in the van. While Patty was telling me what Annie was going to do I noticed that the little white lights underneath the tail lights were on, meaning that the van was in reverse. I told Patty "Make sure she doesn't back it up! She can't go any further back" Patty said "Shes not shes going forward." I yell back "The van is in reverse." As I'm yelling though Annie is hitting the gas hard to supposedly make it up the steep hill of the boat ramp...... except for the small factor that she is in reverse!! So as soon as she noticed that she was backing into the water. About half of the van was in the water.......well.......not really half but it sure seemed like it from behind. The exhaust was fully submerged though. Annie put it in drive and hit the gas HARD!! The tires squealed and she burned some rubber but hey she got it out of the water. AND in backing VERY far into the water. The jet ski came off the trailer. Mission accomplished. LOL. So I loaded the jet ski, a 3rd time. This time perfectly I might add. And we pulled the jet ski and trailer out of the water. Meanwhile, my parents were at the Dickens house from where you can see the boat ramp. They saw what happened, heard the tires squealing, and could do nothing to help us!! So I wish we had some pictures but we don't so. That was our extra bit of fun at the lake.
Jenny(The expert Jet Ski loader on the trailer)

Update 2
If she was and expert jet ski loader this wouldn't have happened