Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We went skydiving!!!!!  Had a wonderful time and an amazing experience.  The pictures are very out of order.  A little of our story.  10 of us left the house at 4am headed to Rhome, TX, close to Decatur.  Jimmie, twins, and Amy stayed back with our very, very good friends. We hope they still are, since we didn't get home until 2am.  We drove through some rain and when we arrived it was clearing off there.  We finally got refreshed on our training that we took about 3 weeks ago. About 3pm after the runway dried enough, Patty and Justin jumped.  They both jumped tandem.  Roy got to ride up in the plane with them.  Kellen jumped next, I didn't get a good picture of him coming in.  Sorry, Kellen.  Roy was next and you will see an epic picture with a sunburst that the owners wife took.  I jumped next.   It was so awesome!!!  Annie and Jenny jumped together and had to do a tandem jump because we were running out of daylight.  It was cool to see them coming in to land together.  A little about our jump;  we climbed to about 10 thousand feet, they open the door and one jump master steps out on the step, we step out next with our hands on the strut, another jump master steps out.  We check in with our jump masters, let go, arch and free fall for about 4000 feet, pull the chute, make sure everything is good on our chute
 and enjoy the ride!!!!!!

Annie coming in to land

Jenny coming in to land

Annie and Jenny coming in together

Jenny about to touch down

Annie's down
Annie and Jenny ready to go

Quick bite before we get on the road to head home.

Julie coming in

Justin coming in
Kellen's on the ground, we didn't get a good picture of him coming in, however, his landing was picture perfect.  When he landed he touched down and walked in.

Joy taking a snooze on a chute

Roy, Patty and Justin heading out to the plane

Kellen reading up and studying anything he can before he jumps:):):)

Watching the chute being packed; please don't let anything get tangled up:):)

Patty and Justin getting ready to go

Patty coming in.

Justin coming in

Roy coming in

Stella had fun too!! 
She was the weight for the packers:):):) while they get all the cords straight.