Monday, August 30, 2010

More horned toads

A few days ago Joshua and Matthew came in with two more horned toads. One very tiny one and a bigger one.
Here we laid it next to a quarter. It really is cute.
And this is what happens to little girls with brothers. Matthew thought his horned toad needed to go for a ride.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Patty looked out one day last week and saw the middle's and little's in the round pen having their own little rodeo.
See the rope on the gate to pull the chute open.
I guess Stella and Michael are the quality stock. Looks like they're taking good care of their stock watering and feeding them. Maybe that's why Stella told me she liked cow cake.:)
I think Jimmie is the cowboy. And, its looks as if Joshua is observing.
Of course, Joy is in charge.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trek and Family fun!

Trek -Backpacking in the San Juan wilderness
Roy, Patty, Joshua, and Joy looking at the map of where they will be hiking this year. This is Joshua and Joy's first year to go on Trek.
Our Trekker's are on day 3 today. The last 4 years (I think), Roy and another dad have taken about 12 - 13 youth backpacking in the Colorado wilderness for a week. Their heart is to take our children and other children who do not have a dad to take them or can not go themselves. They pack in everything for 5 days and 4 nights. It pushes the endurance level of everyone and they have a blast doing it. This year the oldest 4 will each lead a devotional one night. We'll post pictures when they get back.
A normal occurrence in the Zesch household. A daddy fight. Stella is even in on this one.
Amy is thinking about it. :)
Joshua's bomber

The game of life.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Uncle Billy's Texas tour

My brother and his beautiful family were here for the last few days. My brother recently came home from a year deployment, so we were all very happy to see him. Around our house he is known as Uncle Monkey. He's a big cut up and our littles and bigs hee hee love him bunches. We sure enjoyed having you all. His wonderful wife got us a jump start on the wedding. We now have a table theme and it is absolutely beautiful. Penny your awesome. Katelyn and Lee you are fantastic and I know God has great things for you both.
Gig 'Em
Playing Mr. Mouth
I accidently posted this one again, oh well. Its super cute!~!`!!!
A big table of Balderdash. It was hilarious!!!
A crowd of little monkeys watching Uncle Monkey's video's of jets taking off and landing on aircraft carriers.


Yummy fruit smoothie and berries.:)
Melons and more okra, Yea!!
A little budding pianist.
Stella kicked back watching a movie
Amy's pulling up!!!