Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Great season boys!!!  13 Wins and 2 losses.  They gave glory to God in all they did.  It was a blessing to play on a team who were coached to play out the scripture on the back of their shirts.  2 Timothy 2:3  Thou therefore endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.  These boys also exemplified good sportsmanship with every team.

Matthew's getting it done

A little coaching and he's ready to go

And then there's silliness!!!
At the end of the year Matthew was awarded the most threatening player on the team and Michael was awarded the most diligent.  


Everyone participated in track this year and had a super time.  The Saints (home school team) participated in about 4 track meets in our area and finished strong at the State Homescool track meet.  

After being at a track meet all day this beautiful sun set made a perfect end to a great day

Jimme long jumping and throwing shot

Joshua throwing discus 

This group of boys set a record at the state meet in the 4x200

Winter snow

I am updating, so this might cool us off in June.  We had a fun snow day in December.  As usual the kids played most of the day and made a snow family:)
Checking cows

I can't see you

Meet the snow family

Snow fun

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Random fall picsD

Daddy teaching Amy to ride her bike

Pumpkin decorating

Dad pressing boys

just cuteness

just cuteness

just cuteness with Papa

Annual sausage making

We make our sausage every year and the last few years we've had friends join us.  Its a lot of work, a lot of fun and really good eating!!!!
stuffing the grinder before stuffing guts with yummy beef sausage

The packaging crew

Joshua's helpers


Friends turning

Father/Daughter team

the cutest grand helper!!

Summer catch up.....

Catching up to June....

Let's start with a great hunting season.  The kids got some good trophies and a lot of good deer meat in the freezer.
Joshua and Stella both took a nice buck off of our place.

Stella's first deer.  You gotta learn to gut them too.

Mom, I can see you!  Can anyone guess who this bundle is?

Michael got him a nice one up north.  Notice the ice in the background.  It was cold that morning!!!

Joshua decided to European mount his and did a really nice job.

Joy and Michael getting business done and our whole family with Granny and Papa

There's no words:):)  Great deer season!!  

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