Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to our 18 yr. old

Our gymnast

Our Performer

Our basketball player

Tubing with the sister

Patty, it has been a joy to watch you grow into a beautiful woman of God.  We pray blessings over you sweet lady!!!!!!  Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Family pics!!!

We had a friend come out to the house and take some family pictures.  We all had a good time and got some good pics.  It was a beautiful clear day, bright sun, therefore some squinty eyes.  

Amy and Kellen
Come on boys, ready, one, two, three, Jump!!!

Boys, Boys, Boys!!! Look out Matthew, Kellen's about to kick you in the face.

Matthew's airbourne

Running for home after pictures at the deer blind

Come on!!!!!!

Of course the Zesch's have monkey's hanging around:)

Z boys

Z Zesch's

Z girls

Z parents giggling

Z parents

Recitals, more Thanksgiving, and Twas the night

Michael singing in the Thanksgiving choir

Thanksgiving card games

Michael and Matthew singing in the Christmas choir

Joshua, you make such a good shephard

Cute girls !!!

Joy, you make a good angel

Fences, and Thanksgiving

Amy and Killer playing twister:)

A caged critter while the fencing crew is working

A good friend of ours is rebuilding our fences and he has quite the crew.  Two of his brothers, Joshua, Jimmie, and lots of critters who run around while they are working.

If you cannot read this it says, "please don't feed the critters."

Another critter

And, Jimmie hard at work while the rest of the team takes a siesta !!!

Our veggie turkey

Domino tournament at Thanksgiving

The artists during the domino tournament

Table 2

Round 2, Jimmie was the tournament champion

Table 3

Grandpa and his two grand son in laws, who's gonna win this one?

Three cows needed hormone shots while everyone was here, as we were AI ing the following day so nurse Annie gave the shots.

Joshua's buck

Joshua got him a big hog

And, a really nice buck!!   Good job, Joshua!!
Thanks for more meat in the freezer:):)  Yea!!