Saturday, January 3, 2015

Alaska, the final frontier

Julie and I went to Alaska this year to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  Well we planned it for our 10th, it just took us 16 extra years to do it.  We went with 4 other couples who have been long time friends.  It was fabulous.  We went 2 days ahead of the group to get in a little floatplane flying instruction.  That is the way to see Alaska.

This is our parking spot when we stopped for lunch.

Julie getting ready for some instruction

Morning airport/lake view

We weren't the only ones looking for lunch.

Glaciers are meant to be seen from the air

Some random scenery

Landing for lunch

Next we met up with the group for the train trip to Denali and bus trip back south to Seward.  

The pizza at the table next to us looked really good

The group at Denali Park

The best picture we got of Denali

The view from the top of Alaska's only ski area

Supper at the top of the mountain.

Sherie wasn't the only wildlife we saw

 Next we got on the ship in Seward for the voyage southward.

Fun time on the Ship

 Shopping at the tourist trap

Mendenhall Glacier float trip

A huge river of ice 

Floatplane tour at one of the stops

More critters

Vancouver before heading back to the real world.

It was a fabulous time, it had been on our bucket list for years and I am so glad we did it.  Alone would have been great, but friends made it even more special.