Saturday, July 1, 2017

Church camping trip

Morning snuggles with a Brace Wilkinson......
Most years we take a camping trip with our church family.  This year we camped at Brownwood State Park.  It is a big blessings to kick back and enjoy each other. 

Breakfast helpers.  Stella and Zac cracked about 5 dozen eggs each morning.

The grill cooks mixed up lots of pancakes!!  Yum, Yum!!!

And the boys brought home the fish!!!

We took 6 kayaks and a canoe  and they were in the water all weekend

Crystal convincing everyone that mountain oysters are YUUUUMMMYYY!!!!

Happy, sleepy, worn out littles
I do not have any pictures; however, I do have testimony to God's healing hand on this years trip.  One of the boys got bit by a rattle snake on his hand.  We prayed, oiled and marked the spot.  He and his mother headed to the hospital.  This occurred  Saturday night.  He was out of the hospital Tuesday and climbing a metal building on Wednesday to retrieve a tennis ball.  God is sooooo good!!!!!!!!!

Upside down Eleanor

Kaylin just a swingin with Uncle Joshie

Fun Times

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